Friday, October 25, 2013

Short-term Protective Style| Half Wig and Hat

As much as I love getting to know my hair,  by trying products and styles, I am also cautious about over-manipulating it. So I did not do the "second, third fourth and fifth day" hair thing with my twist out. 

I decided to put my hair in Flat twists for a few days. 

I used Beija Flor Creme Brulee again to set my hair. 

Of course, I am not wearing my hair like that in public.

I wear wigs in public but with my hair covered with a Satin bonnet as opposed to that headache-promoting and moisture-depleting wig cap.

I plan to wear a twist out over the weekend only but my hair will be covered up for the rest of the week.

I love this idea of wearing a half wig while I pamper my hair for the next couple of weeks, before the next long term protective style. 

What about you? Are you into protective styling?


  1. First of...I just want to say thank you for all your posts and insights into your hair. I am not a daily commenter but i ardently follow your posts and so hope you never get the urge to quit blogging :)
    Meanwhile, I am currently rocking a wig and never thought to use a satin bonnet under....that does sound cool. Also, I see half wigs at the beauty supply and never think to by them because I don't know how to wear them with kinky hair. I notice you rocked yours with a hat, is that the way you wear them? Unfortunately i cant rock hats to work. Thanks


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