Thursday, October 31, 2013

Failed Flat Twist- out|The Puff saved the day

So in my last post, I shared a picture of my flat twists which I wore under a wig and a hat for about a week.

I was hoping for a super-defined twist out, however, my hair was extremely shrunken and not defined uniformly. I got no definition around the perimeter of my head. I think the reason for the shrunken hair is due to setting my hair on very damp hair. I have no idea why I did not get definition in some areas. 

I think I will try flat twist out again, but on stretched hair. If you follow blog, then you know I do not do much with my hair but confine it in protective styles. I am trying to style my hair in different ways and to get to know my hair, so you will see posts about that for the next two weeks or so before I put it in the next long-term protective style.

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