Saturday, October 19, 2013

Crochet Braids are out| No broken hair

Bye Crochet Braids!
The crochet braids were worn for six weeks and they could have lasted longer but I missed my hair. Also, for fine hair, in my humble opinion, long-term protective styles should not be worn for more than  6 weeks. The reason is that the small diameter that fine strands have will encourage more matting and tangles. I am speaking from experience.

My hair  is soaked with coconut oil, prepping for cleansing to avoid hygral fatigue
I have to say that crochet braids make a GREAT protective style. My hair was super-stretched and soft when the extensions were removed.  I know I did not blog about this but I actually rinsed my hair about twice a week after the fourth week mark of wearing crochet braids, due to sweat from exercising. I am not a fan of washing hair in extensions, since my hair gets matted and tangled up,  however, since my hair was in cornrows, I did not get tangled hair. The cornrows kept my hair stretched throughout the six week period. I also made sure my cornrows were adequately moisturized. 

I am glad I used braiding hair ( small amount) to Cornrow my hair. That provided cushion and extra protection for my own hair. The idea of using braiding hair came handy when I was removing the extensions. 
I have three videos coming up on how I installed, maintained and removed the  crochet braids. 
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