Saturday, October 12, 2013

5 week old Crochet Braids|Ayurvedic spritz

So after working out a couple of days ago, I felt the need to rinse my hair rather  than use my usual diluted apple cider vinegar to clean my scalp. It felt great afterwards. However, I did not use a commercial product to condition and moisturize my hair. I opted for an Ayurvedic mix.

Pictured above is a mixture of Hibicus powder, marshmallow roots powder, Bhrami and Bhringaraj powders in hot water. 

I eyeballed the measurements but they were about 1 tablespoon each. After brewing the mixture for about an hour ( you can do longer if you want), I poured the liquid part out, making sure the particles in the bottom remains in the mixture. The best way to get the herb-infused liquid out is to use cheesecloth.

I poured the mixture into my cornrows, underneath the crochet braids, and sealed my edges with Coconut oil.

The crochet braids also got moisturized by the mix making them look shiny. I cut off more hair again  this week. I think I like them shorter . They just look so natural.

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