Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kids Styles with 53 Mini Cornrows

So, little L has had her cornrows for 14 days. Her hair got frizzy about  a few days after her cornrows were installed, partly due to the fact that her hair is very fine.

I have noticed that her hair appears  drier than it has been in the warmer months. For this reason, her hair gets spritzed  daily.

The crown braids got very frizzy, so I took them down, moisturized and sealed her ends heavily in the Crown area.

Since they were already looking frizzy, the second week, I opted for another style by replacing the crown braids with Bantu knots.

For the third week, I divided the individual Braids in the crown area into five parts and threaded them spirally. I added some beads to the ends to make her style appear fresh again.

Most likely, her hair will stay like this till I take the cornrows down. But nothing is written in stone, I may have to re-style her cornrows again. 

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