Monday, June 17, 2013

Afro Marley Hair | Kids

Okay, I am protecting everybody's hair in my household.... Just kidding. But not really. Like stated in a previous post, the scorching heat can be damaging to hair, so our hair is being protected during this summer season.

I only used 1.5 packs of hair as I did not make a lot of braids.  I used the braiding method at the root because that is easier for me.

I curled the ends by wrapping strands of marley hair around a bunch of twists using the corkscrew method, dipped the ends in hot water and cut of the excess. 

I now only keep extensions for a month as water will not be touching those babies. I will be using the same regimen that I am using. Check here for the regimen if you missed that post.


  1. So cute! I so agree about protecting your ends from the heat. Mines got fried the other day :)

    1. Thanks Vee. That heat is no joke. I am not playing with it.


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