Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What if daily moisturizing is not for you?

I just read an article on The Natural Haven about this topic. It really is something that I have thought about but never gave in to, as I thought that my hair could only survive on Daily moisturizing. I don't think that is true for someone like me that experiences a lot of shrinkage. With shrinkage comes tangles, breakage and you know the rest, progress retardation.

I used to wear mini twists and mini braids (at the time, anything mini was what made my hair look somewhat full)

 a lot and experienced breakage as my hair got ridiculously matted from excessive moisturizing.
my hair in 2009. This was when I retained length the most and at the fastest rate. I  remember only moisturizing my hair once  a  week or even less often. Tangles and knots were far away from because my hair was always stretched

 I remember early in my journey, when I had my hair colored, as seen in the picture above, I hardly moisturized my hair everyday, and I retained length better then. But as time went on, I think I abused my hair with excessive moisturizing leading to breakage as shown in the picture below. This was in 2010. The picture above was in 2009
this was in 2010, you can see how much length I lost. I used to moisturize my hair like crazy because I believed that the color was drying my hair out. I needed moisture but it was an overkill!!!

 I still retain length but at a slower rate.I still experience breakage, and I noticed that happens, when I am taking out my protective style that had been seriously moisturized and have caused my hair to be matted. It is really not necessary to moisturize daily , if my hair is properly moisturized on wash day. The only time I need extra moisture is when my hair is being manipulated such as when styling my hair and when taking out the style.

What is written in this article and other things you have learned about natural hair are not written in stone. You have to pay attention to your hair needs. The main point in this article is that, if you experience a lot of shrinkage, which brings tangles, you should consider moisturizing your hair less. Water is good for our hair but excessive water will make our hair mesh together, get tangled and break. I know that is the case for my hair.  I hope you read the article HERE, and please come back and share your thoughts!

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  1. Great article. I agree I don't believe hair needs to be moisturized daily. I only do mine on a as needed bases.

    Thanks for posting . Take care!

    1. Yes it is a great article. Good for you that you do to your hair what it needs.

  2. I actually wrote a post yesterday on my blog after reading Jc's post. I know better than to spritz my hair everyday :)

  3. What a coincidence. I just posted about this today.

    As I've mentioned before, I also have fine hair. Daily moisturizing only made my hair nap up more and made detangling a nightmare. I also used to wear lots of "mini" styles for fullness.

    Now that I've figured out a proper moisture routine that works for me, I only moisturize after washes, maybe once during the week if need be.

    1. I just read you post. I am in agreement with the unnecessary daily misting. I am currently experimenting with not misting my hair everyday, I can't wait to take out my style tomorrow and see what the deal is.

  4. My goal is to moisturize well enough on wash day that I can go a couple days without re-moisturizing. The only product I've used that really consistently let that happen was the Terresentials Mud Wash. With that and conditioning I could just add coconut oil and my hair would be moisturized for 2-3 days.

    1. I hear you. I believe also about moisturizing maximally on wash day, so there would not be a need for daily moisturizing.


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