Monday, May 13, 2013

Sunday Hair/ Straw Set

Happy belated Mother's Day to all my readers that are moms. I hope you had a wonderful day.

So for this special day, I decided to do something unusual for my hair. Straw sets or any wet set for that matter is unusual for me. It just takes a lot of time and patience to set my hair. But I did not mind going through the hassle. I only get this ambitious about every other year.

I also have been trying out a new line called "As I Am". I used almost the entire line to achieve this style. The styler and last product applied is their "Curly Jelly". Stay tuned for my review on these products.

I had 125 straw sets and the process was 4.5 hr long. It was my first one so I chose small straws which I believed was appropriate for fine hair.

I did so many because I wanted to avoid frizz as much as possible. The less hair you pack on the straws, the less frizz you have.

I liked the end result except for one little problem. I had flakes which I tried to remove as much as I could. I definitely will not be using that product again, at least for a straw set.

Also, due to the flakes, I only wore this style for a day. I think I will try this again in the near future with another product.


  1. Your hair (and you) looks absolutely beautiful. This is my favorite style I've seen you do on yourself.

    1. Aww..thank you. I think it's my favorite style too

  2. Man! I'm s sorry it flaked on you. I'm sure your hair would have last for the entire week. It was very pretty though :)

    1. I know.... I was so mad. I am thinking about trying it again with another product.

    2. Which product would you use?


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