Friday, May 31, 2013

Old Loose Finger Coils

I am still wearing my loose finger coils that look so much like a wash and go. I have not used any water spritz since I started wearing this style. I know my hair strands would start tangling around one another if I did. I have been using As I Am Moisture Milk and Shea moisture Yucca and Aloe milk to moisturize my hair ever two to three days.  Like  I mentioned in a previous post, this is going to be a regular style. With this style, there is no daily manipulation, except for when I pat down some moisturizer on my ends. I have not experienced any dryness and breakage because the coils are clumped together.

In the near future, I may cut the coils bigger just for a different look. I that case I may have to start with a gel. I guess those would be a little tighter then .


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