Thursday, January 10, 2013

Medium-Sized Semi-Loose Twists with bangs

I used Shea Moisture Yucca and Baobab Growth Thickening Milk to twist my hair. I am trying Loose Twists, so I opted for the use of a styling cream the first time. My ends seem to behave better with product. These are also not the typical Loose Twists. They are a bit tight just from my "twisting habit". I was not comfortable with the fullness of my hair, so I threw on a hat and let the front twists hang as bangs

If only my hair would look fuller with that size.........

My edges have been filling in nicely. 

My hair on the right side seems shorter. It has always been that way since I went natural. The back was gathered into a small bun. I have always liked neat-looking twists but I KNOW that my hair prefers to be twisted loosely. In fact, they can be looser than the ones shown here. Loose twists are very kind to fine hair.

I will be trying loose twists in smaller sections very soon. However, I will be using Shea butter to get my hair stretched as much as possible.What about you? Have you tried loose twists?


  1. I really like your beanie and your twists are cute.

    1. Thank you sis.. I am kind of hooked on that beanie.LOL


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