Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Yarn Wraps Braid-Out/Crinkled Yarn Wraps

I decided to wear my Yarn Wraps for two more weeks(they are currently 6 weeks old). I am already getting bored with them and I miss my hair. Anyway, it seems like everyone on Youtube use hot water to crinkle their yarn extensions, which I think is is unsafe for one's natural hair.

 When  I took out some of my yarn extensions to re-do the edges, I noticed how curly the yarn was, from being wrapped around. I figured it was unnecessary to use hot water and a braid-out could be achieved by simply braidng in small sections.

How to do a braid-out with Yarn Wraps

  • Wet Yarn thoroughly  but to the point of dripping
  • Braid three Yarn Wraps at a time
  • The ends will not stay braided so use rubber bands to secure the ends
  • Let the Yarn dry completely before you unbraid

Moisturize Yarn Wraps/Braids and re-braid in bigger sections as shown above. Then, unravel when Yarn Wraps/Braids are completely dry.


  1. These are stunning. I would like to try that myself.

  2. I just found this! Thanks so much. Every video on YouTube is for faux locs, goddess braids and synthetic hair. I'm going to try this on my yarn wraps today!


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