Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Single Spirally Threaded Plaits in two ponytails

These are the usual plaits done with African Threading, however, I did not completely wrap the threads around her hair. The plaits were wrapped spirally. This is not the corksrew method which involves more effort in pushing up segments of the plaits. 

I knew that these would not last so I added extra threads with multiple knots at the ends. I like these kind of plaits better because her hair is not completely covered. This is good because her hair gets moisturized better when it is not completely wrapped and they just look prettier when the thread are wrapped spirally. They also get done quicker than the fully wrapped ones

I get questions about how I keep her hair moisturized. I simply add water, aloe vera juice and coconut oil in a spray bottle. I spray the mix in her hair nightly. I also use a little bit of castor oil to smoothen her edges down. After moisturizing, I tie down her hair with a scarf, and top that with her sleeping bonnet.

The style (hanging as shown) lasts for only a week, but you can extend the life of the style by creating a new style from the plaits. You can gather them together in sections and make Bantu Knots as shown below.

First divide the plaits into three sections. Wrap a long thread around each section spirally making sure the space between the thread is very wide. This is necessary to make your Bantu Knots big. Do not knot the thread at the end. Fold the big threaded plaits and continue to wrap the thread around the base till it is done. Use an accessory like a ponytail hoder to hide the threads.

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