Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The effective way to Finger Detangle

Ever since I read in the book, "The Science of Black Hair", that finger detangling encourages thicker hair and reduces breakage, I have not used any combs in my hair.
However, I was not sure if I was finger detangling the right way. I also think I have been very rough, raking my fingers through the sections, to separate strands and remove shed hair. I experienced nothing but breakage all the time.

Finger Detangling involves two steps, which are strands separation and removal of shed hair. Now, when you think of strand separation, you have to be mindful of the amount of time it will take to get your whole head done, as you have to separate strand by strand. The bottom line is finger detangling takes a lot of time, and if you rush through it, your hair still remains tangled and consequently, you know what will result from that. Besides excessive manipulation, improper detangling  and rough handling are the two main enemies of length retention.

Let  me point out that some folks prefer dry detangling but my porous hair prefers to be slightly damp. For a long time, I thought dry detangling worked better for my hair but I was so wrong until I tried the technique used in the video below. If your hair is so fragile when it is wet, try oils. Finger detangling naked hair will break it

Kimmaytube did a demonstration of how she detangles her hair using her  line of products. My focus for this post is the technique she used, which she calls "The Harp". Please note that her method is time consuming but it's well worth it. I took out my extensions recently and used the method shown in this video to detangle my hair. Believe me when I say that I did not have any breakage. I can attribute that success to  this technique and most especially my patience, because I spent two hours detangling my hair.

Check the video out below.

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  1. She has lovely hair to testify that this method works for her, lol.

  2. thanks I shall try the technique

  3. The model in the featured image has lovely hair.

    I used to finger detangle when I was loose but it never worked this well for me. On the sections that are really nappy the hair would just coil back up, and it never seemed like I truly got out all the knots.

    1. I know right. She is Cipriana from Urbanbushbabes and has a youtube channel.

      I think another key to successfully finger detangling is using the right product. I really swear by aloe veraa juice and oils. I just discovered that my hair loooves castor oil.


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