Thursday, September 20, 2012

Yarn Twists in a side bun/ Maintenance of Yarn Braids

After wearing yarn twists for two weeks, her scalp was due for cleansing.
So I co-washed her twists after deep conditioning with coconut oil for about one hour.

I banded her twists in four sections and co-washed section by section.  At first, the conditioner was sitting on the yarn making the yarn look whitish. It took several rinses to get rid of that white color.

I should have applied diluted conditioner to her scalp, that way, it would have been much easier to rinse off the conditioner.
Her twists did not feel heavy at all from being wet. Those things are so unbelievably light, dry or wet. Her twists got really frizzy ( her usually get frizzy very quickly), and that was taken care of by applying a diluted leave-in conditioner, sealing with oil and tying down her twists with a scarf for about 10 minutes.

Yarn twists are so easy to maintain and for some reason, they help the natural hair absorb moisture better than synthetic hair. They are sooo easy to style, as long as they are not made too bulky.

Daily Maintenance.
Her twists are spritzed with Aloe Vera juice and water(ratio of 4:1) and sealed with coconut oil everyday.


  1. Beautiful little lady! Your doing a great job.

  2. Not only is she a cutie pie but her hair looks really wonderful. Hmmm, yarn. Who know they could look this good!

    Good work, Mommie!

    1. Aww.. thanks.
      I am getting some yarn myself as they look so natural.

  3. BTW Love your blog!! so I nominated you:

    Hvae a nice weekend :)

  4. My niece wants some yarn twists. I would love to do it for her, but we live 300 miles apart. She looks great.

  5. Awww.. she's so adorable! :) Vetsnatural is correct, you're really doing a great job! I love the fact that you use coconut oil to condition her hair. That's also what I exactly use for my hair. It really makes it soft and smooth. Are you using natural coconut oil?


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