Sunday, August 19, 2012

All-Around Cornrows inspired by chocolatehairvanillacare

I saw this style a while ago on chocolatehairvanillacare and immediately decided I was going to style little L's hair the same way or do a similar look. Check out the original style here and instructions on how to do it. The blog is awesome for those of you that have little ones.

Little L's hair is not long enough to have the ends braided, so I added some hair at the ends (not the cornrows). All the ends were braided into one and the hanging end was crossed over to one side and secured with an accessory. The flower is taken down every night, after which, she wears her satin bonnet. I spray her hair  daily with a homemade spritz (water,aloe juice vegetable glycerin and coconut oil)

We are keeping these for two weeks


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