Sunday, July 22, 2012

Curly Box Braids on Little L

Her smile just melts my heart
So, I have not done a post on little L's hair for like ever. This is what's been going on. She has box braids that are expected to last for 4 weeks.

The humidity just was not working with her hair, even the cornrows were getting frizzy fast, plus mommy needed a little break form weekly styling.

I decided to braid her hair myself to keep things safe. I also decided to use extensions as I wanted all her ends hidden. She has fine hair too which is very fragile. Retaining length with this type of hair is very challenging. Complete protective style is what this type of hair needs to retain all or most of it.

The braids are not a lot and the parts were made big along her perimeter  to prevent stress on the hairline. The ends were curled with  medium sized rollers and dipped in hot water for a few seconds for those wavy ends. She wears them up all the time as I don't want her to think that long hair  or added hair is what defines beauty.

  • Prepoo with Coconut oil one hour before washing
  • Wash every two weeks with diluted shampoo
  • Deep condition with melted Shea butter and Coconut oil after washing
  • Spritz braids with a mixture of water, Aloe Vera juice, glycerin and Coconut oil daily
  • Apply JBCO to the edges every other day.
  • Use whipped Shea butter to control fly-aways and frizzes after washing.


  1. Awww....she's back. Her little smile melts my heart too. I love this post sis,especially the part about long hair not being the definition of beauty. Great job :)

  2. aww.thanks sis. I told her she has an aunt in the blogger world.


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