Thursday, June 21, 2012

Prepping Natural Hair for Braiding/ Stretching

Her hair will be cornrowed with the ends threaded in a few days. Shown below is a picture of her Freshly washed and conditioned hair, that is being stretched with the African Threading method.

Before threading her freshly washed hair, I divided it into 6 sections and applied Taliah Waajid's
"Kinky Wavy Natural Herbal Style and Shine" for children. That stuff had my baby's curls popping everywhere. I then sealed with Jojoba Oil.

To see a tutorial on how I thread her hair, watch the video below. There is a slight variation on how her is threaded now. In the video, I threaded from the roots. But now, I braid the roots first before threading. This reduces or eliminates any stress that threading can create on the hairline and scalp.

She can actually wear this as a style but my goal is to have her hair stretched for cornrows.

Stay tuned for the actual style.

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