Saturday, June 2, 2012

Modified Curly Girl Method on Fine Natural Hair/ My Routine

I have been using the Curly Girl Method since March and I see a big difference in the hydration level of my hair.  However,  deep down inside me, I believe that my scalp needs to be  shampooed when necessary.  I use diluted Shea Moisture Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo whenever I feel like I need to, which is usually about twice a month. I co-wash  twice a week or more if needed ( if I worked out). My hair also likes a little bit of protein and that can build up, hence another need for  using shampoo(non sulfate). I have not used any combs in my hair for about 9 months now. I finger- detangle my hair and I am still learning to perfect the technique.

 I always wash and co-wash my hair in 8 sections. This cuts down on knots and just makes the whole process very easy. I use Tresseme Naturals to co-wash my hair and as stated above I use Shea Moisture Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo whenever it is needed.

I also use Tresseme Naturals as a leave in. It has the best slip ever and it is oily, I guess due to the Avocado oil in it. It also has a pH of 4.0 which my hair loves. I still add some olive oil to seal it into my hair. I may be switching to Jojoba oil soon as it is lighter. I always apply product to my hair in sections.

I always use a holding agent such as Loreal Everstyle Curl Defining Gel or Flax seed gel to define my curls. My hair NEEDS these non-protein gels to hold my hair in place. I actually prefer the Loreal gel to Flax seed gel as my hair tends to coil up more with Flax seed  gel. I am still looking for ways to perfect my recipe for the Flax seed gel to make my hair hang more. Loreal Everstyle Gel   defines my curls and helps them to hang preventing tangles and knots. I get 4th to 5th day hair when I use Loreal Everstyle Gel.

Note: I tried the conditioner-only WNG and my hair was laughing at me. It was not a good experience. I had lots of shrinkage(my hair shrank up all the way to my scalp and got sir)

Before Bedtime:
At night, I wear this Sue Maesta Classic Hood. I don't like the pineapple method. My hair just never looks right after "pineappling"my hair in several sections. I can see why Pineappling will work for those with long hair as  my Sue Maesta Hood  works the same way as the pineappling technique.

The next day:
I just spritz my hair with a mix of  water, aloe vera juice, a little bit of conditioner, glycerin and coconut oil. I will be switching to Jojoba oil soon as it is lighter. I then shake my hair and that's it. No manipulation and my curls are still defined and hanging.

What I don't do:
Re-apply gel everyday
Stretch with scrunchies/ponytail holders,twists , braids and bobby pins(I did this once and did not like the stringy look plus it is too much manipulation for my hair).
Not accept the shrinkage

I just want to say that I am happy styling my hair loose with conditioner, oil and gel. I hardly manipulate my hair. My hair stays moisturized and soft for days. However, I will style my hair other ways if I feel like. But it will be mainly WNGs.

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  1. I add jojoba oil to my conditioners and I love it. I found that olive oil was a little too heave and my forehead and ears would be greasy.

    1. I agree with you and I don't want my pores clogging either:)


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