Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hair of the Day/ Partial Bun with a ridge

So in the past, I was quite boring with my twists. Before I start disliking the current ones I have, I decided to get creative with them.

I used a Goody Ouchless Flex Mini Barrette

 to gather my hair in the back into a bun. 

I braided the left part of the front section towards the middle and secured the ends with a bobby pin. 

The right side was pulled up, rolled under and pinned down.
I like the fact that all my twists are tucked away and protected from me.


  1. Looking good sis. Love those goody barrettes. They are a real life saver ☺

    1. aren't they? I like the fact that they have different sizes too.

  2. Hmm, this has given me some ideas. I am always boring with my twists.

    1. Great!
      I understand about boring twists..LOL


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