Monday, May 21, 2012

Experimenting with Home-made Flax seed Gel

Since my style of choice for now is WNGs,

 Second Day Hair. I did not stretch my hair here

which is so simple and easy on my hair (to be quite honest, I lose hair when I am doing protective styles cause my hair is so fine and it is hard for me  to style my crown area). I am not saying I will never do protective styles again but this seems to be working.

Single strand knots seem to be the big issue for some naturals that wear WNGs, however,I have no issues with breakage and single strand knots as I always use a lot of oil in my leave-in conditioner and a little bit of oil once my hair is dry. I also stretch my hair sometimes when I want it to hang.

 Besides WNGs, I will also be wearing twist out and braid outs styles with gel as my hair needs a little bit of hold. My gel of choice will be Flax seed gel as it is natural, harmless, moisturizing and has health benefits for my scalp.

The recipe I used to make my gel is as follows

2 cups of water
1/4 cup of Flax seeds
A tbs of Vegetable Glycerin
1/4 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar (to lower the pH)
A few drops of essential oil of Lavender and Peppermint (preservatives)

If you want to see the video tutorial on making Flax Seed gel, check this one out by Napptural85

Physical Properties:
Consistency: Depends on the ratio of water to flax seeds. Mine was a bit on the watery side.
It does look kind of yucky, at least to me, as I do not like slimy stuff. However, it does the job!!

I did add Aloe Vera juice in my first batch and that made my hair flaky, my hair has never liked Aloe vera gel but loves Aloe Vera juice( I don't know why)

For more recipes on preparing  Flax-Seed gel, click HERE

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  1. You're on a roll sis! Looks great. Thanks for the reminder that I need to try FSG for a wash and go :)

    1. Yes sis. You have to try it. It is so light, clean and natural, you will not feel bad that you applied gel to your hair. The best thing is it washes out easily even with conditioner alone:)

  2. I have thought about making my own gel.

    1. Go ahead Jen. It is all natural and washes out easily

  3. ive only tried flax seed gel once, my hair felt crispy and hard, didnt feel as soft as Ecostyler gel. I guess i need to experiment more. I loose hair too when I style weekly, but protective styling is convenient for me and I don't have to worry about daily styling :)

    1. Your hair felt crispy? I am beginning to realize that everyone's hair act differently to products. But FSG is all natural and you can control that crispiness(is that a word?), but you know what I mean, by using more amount of water to boil the seeds. Once your hair is dry, apply a tiny bit of oil in your palm, rub them together and apply all over concentrating on the ends:)

  4. I agree with you Coilybella. My hair does so much better with WNG's with Conditioner and a bit of styling gel _Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle, Ecco Blue, even Lets Jam Custard. The only place that I have to keep a watchful eye is the edges around my face to be sure that I am no pulling on my edges and making sure that they are extra moisturized. Although I love my protective styles I do notice when I do them that I get alot of shedding, ssk's and tangles. I donot with the WNG. I try to keep my gels to something with a soft hold and make sure that I have oil in my conditioner as well. My edges do really well with cornrows but I have yet to incorporate a bit of that in my WNG styling.

    1. Hey Vets,
      The oil in the conditioner makes a ton of difference. How is the "let's jam custard working for you? I tested the pH which was about 8.5. I did not bother to use after the pH test


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