Thursday, March 8, 2012

My braids are out!

   I wore them for six weeks. I had never worn any style with my own natural hair for more than a month.
Below is a video demonstrating how I take down the braids.

I am confident that it is possible to wear micro braids without having breakage.
Every year, I tend to wear micro braids at least once a year and I always use the same regimen. I picked up a new tip this year, which is to, not apply too much conditioner (especially fine hair), because your braids will end up with build-up at the base.

In general, here are some tips to use when considering wearing micro braids on fine natural hair

  • Install them on stretched hair
  • Moisturize them and seal daily
  • do weekly hot oil treatments on them
  • deep condition them once a week but hot oil treatments should be enough
  • keep the ends stretched by braiding, twisting, roller setting or threading, this will help keep knots at bay

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  1. Your hair looks like it is getting thicker.

  2. How long did it take for you to take down your twists?

  3. wow! that's tiny. I think i prefer twists. easy to install and take down! the shed hair was HUGE! I would be scared if I have fine hair and see that much hair come off like that! Though they are meant to.  your hair looks fuller after you took your braids down. 

  4. Hi sis
    (my fellow nigerian sis:)) "HUGE".. I know, but considering we shed 50 to 100 hair daily, multiply that by seven and add the seven six times...whew
    I love twists too, like you said easy to install and take down but my hair tangles in them so easily so I hardly do them now, although I will still wear medium sized twists. I really miss them, think that might be my next style:)
    Thanks for stopping by.


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