Monday, March 5, 2012

In Review: Nupur Henna with 9 Ayurvedic herbs

Before the end of 2011, I started using Nupur Henna as I got tired of paying for the shipping and handling by Don't get me wrong, sells very good quality henna , however, I did not believe that it was the only company selling good quality henna. I searched online for other places or companies that sell henna and I came across several great reviews of the Nupur Henna.

I was so drawn to this because I love Ayurvedic herbs and they are known for thickening hair. This henna has the following  9 Arurvedic herbs in it.

Shikakai: Leaves hair clean and shining
Methi: Conditions,nourishes and revatilizes hair
Bhringraj: Makes hair luxuriant
Amla: Darkens hair color and adds shine and luster
Neem: Fights scalp infection and prevents dandruff
Hibiscus: RejuvenatEs hair. making it silky and shiny
Jatamansi: Prevents graying of hair
Brahmi: Promotes hair growth
Aloe Vera: Moisturises hair and makes it silky

According to the company, "the ingredients are added in perfect proportions to give your hair the fabulous shinny and silky feel that you desire every single day."

Size:150 grams
Prize:About $2.00
Where to purchase: Your local Indian store,

I mixed about 3/4 of the bag with aloe vera juice. I did not measure the aloe vera juice but sstopped adding when I got a thick mashed patato consistency. I added about 1/4 cup of Tresseme Naturals conditioner, a tbs of honey, and 2 tbs of olive oil. I mixed all together and let the mixture sit for over 12 hrs because I was tired and had other things to do :). The next day, I applied to my hair covering every strand and let it sit in my hair for about 16 hrs, also because I was tired and a little under the weather. However, normally, I would let henna sit in my hair for 8 hrs.

I loooove this. It did not color my hair as much (that's not why I use henna, so it's okay).However, my hair was left soft , yet strong and really shiny. My hair also appeared darker, you know that healthy dark look. The henna did not stain my tub and hands, even though I used gloves. It rinsed out so very easily.It did not feel grainy at all. It mixed well with the aloe vera juice and the other stuff I threw in the mix. The only thing I don't like about henna is how it smells, but I can live with that, since I only henna once a month to every 6 weeks. Like stated above, I have been using this brand of henna since December of last year and really love it. I have been buying it to condition my hair every month or so. For more detailed pictorial on my henna gloss, click here

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  1. I would love to find out if this Henna helps thicken hair.  Please up date in a few months.

  2. I love Nupur Henna too especially because it has all these other good stuff already combined! I get mine at a local indian grocery for $1.99...can't beat that! :)

  3. no problem, I will make an update post

  4. Hmmm....... I've always purchased my henna from Mehandi and Butterns N Bars mainly because you can select the brand based on it having being inspected for pesticides and other things.  I understand about the cost but I'm just too paranoid to purchase anything else.  I may take a look at it and see what I can find out about it. Thats a great price though!

  5. trust me... I know what you mean, but so far so good with nupur's henna and yes that's a great prize:)

  6. I just found your blog while googling this brand henna and I am now subscriber! I too like this brand and refuse to pay outrageous prices.


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