Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Hidden Ends" Challenge:Week 1/Threaded twists with braided roots/Children's Style

I love challenges because they force you to take very good care of your hair. The reason I am doing this challenge on baby girl is because her bonnet comes off at night , making her ends rub off on her cotton sheets.

Her hair was styled yesterday, March 17th, so that's when the challenge started and it will end on May 17th. So I have to come up with different styles that she can wear with her ends all hidden.

About this week's style: Threaded twists with braided roots

After co-washing her hair with Curly Q's Coconut Dream Moisturizing Conditioner, it was moisturized with the Kimmaytube Leave in and further sealed with castor oil.   Her hair  was stretched using the African Threading Method. So, once her hair was completely dry, I slightly misted her hair with water and aloe vera juice and  added a little bit more of Knot today on the ends and sealed with castor oil. I  then began parting her hair from ear to ear. I made four rows from the back to the front. Each row was parted into about six rectangular sections.

 Each section was braided at the roots. The braids were positioned in the middle of the rectangular block. The end of each section was two strand twisted. Once all the twists with braided roots were completed, I started threading the twists together, starting on the right side of her head, to the left side, left side of the back and then right side of the back. The last end was tucked in under the threaded sections in the back.

This is a one week style. Her hair was super moisturized, heavily sealed and hidden under the threads. There is really no need for re- moisturizing, however, just to feel secure, I will mist her hair every three days, which is basically once or twice before the style is taken down.

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  1. so so cute!!!

  2. Simple and easy..I remember that I was happiest when my Mom did my hair as a child...why? Because she spent less time and my scalp hurt less . I dont know about most kids but since I handled my little sisters hair when they were kids; I think most of them appreciate less hair time. This style is easy and she doesn't have to seat down again for the whole week.Plus her ends are covered so theres no need for too much maintenance..Well done Bella!

    1. thanks sis:)And you know what, I am spending less time doing her hair. She is happy and mommy is happy.


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