Friday, March 16, 2012

Fake products?????

I have to ask......  Have you ever fallen victim of product counterfeiting?
Well, I think I have fallen victim of  product counterfeiting. I usually buy Kinky curly knot today and my Jane carter solution products from whole foods and Ricky's in NYC. However, sometimes, when I am in need of such products immediately, I buy them from my local beauty supply store. I really thought this was a big convenience for me as I usually have to travel far to whole foods  and Ricky's.

Last week, I ran out of Knot today and decided to purchase it from my local BSS. On getting to the store, I realized that they also had run out of kinky curly knot today but they had other kinky curling products. So I asked the manager if they would be getting new supplies soon. He told me not to worry and actually made a phone call (not sure who he was calling) and then told me to come back the next day for the product.
So I went back the next day, as promised, the product (only one, by the way) was sitting on the shelf. I was happy that I was able to get my product. However, when I opened the bottle at home, I noticed the bottle had no protective seal. I thought that was strange.  I read the ingredients and compared to my old kinky curling knot today bottle and everything seemed like the same. I did not make a big deal out of the missing seal (I should have, never use a product that has no seal when you bought it).

I noticed that the product is not  as detangling as the ones I bought in the past. It looked and smelled the same but it did not exactly act the same way. I still did not make a big deal out of it as I thought that, maybe my hair is still strong from the recent henna treatment I did. However, my scalp was itchy like craaaaaaaazy!!!! And that had never happened to me before.

Now, I got a little bit more disturbed  about the ingredients listed on the bottle of another product, Jane Carter Solution Replenishing Conditioner ( also bought from the same BSS). I was sitting under my steamer and just decided to read the ingredients on this bottle and noticed that it did not have  some of the ingredients listed on the Jane carter solution website, moreover, I noticed there were ingredients listed which I was not familiar with. So I went to another beauty supply store and read the ingredients on some of their Jane Carter Solution products, I noticed the products have the same ingredients listed on the company's website. I spoke to the lady at this particular BSS about my concerns and she told me that I should be careful as a lot of BSS sell counterfeit products all the time.

I went back to the original store where I had bought the seemingly fake products and the lady totally denied that they sell fake products. Of course, I did not believe her based on the difference of ingredients.

I try not to judge anyone but don't sell fake products to me. I have heard of people going bald from using fake products. Only God knows what was in those bottles. Of course I tossed them. I hope I do not get any adverse effects from the formulations in the products. I am not buying any more natural products from local BSS.

I am sharing this to increase the awareness about fake products. It is real and do not fall victim of product counterfeiting. Buy natural hair products directly from the company's website, whole foods, Target, Ricky's and Curlmart. These are the places I trust and recommend.

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  1. Yipes!  Sorry to hear about this.  I probably would have asked for my money back but I beat since they were in full denial at the local BSS . . . they were probably not trying to hear that.  Well . . . now they have lost a good customer forever.  Forever?  Forever!!

  2. I'm so sorry for you!  Thanks for this post I will stay ever watchful. 

  3. Wow...I knew there were quite a few fake products on the market but these never would've crossed my mind. I dislike BSS' but I know sometimes that's where you can find the best deals. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry that happened to you. I hope it doesn't have any bad effects on your hair.

  5. I really could not stand being in their store anymore let alone ask for my money back. They already denied it anyway
    And yes...they lost a customer forever.

  6. thanks Jen..yes you have to be careful out there.

  7. no problem....I am sure there are a few beauty supply stores out there that are reputable. I just will rather purchase from Target and the likes as from now on.

  8. Yes I have heard a lot about them! The first time I did was from my mom. At first I thought it was a rare thing but it's actually really widespread! I also don't trust a lot of local beauty stores because I have suspicions about where they get their products. Sorry about that though but thank you for sharing!!



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