Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tag- I'm it!

I want to thank  my lovely sisters, Jen, Funbi  and Britt for tagging me. 
A. Here are the Rules

a.You must post the rules.

b. Post eleven fun facts about yourself on the blog post.

c. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you've been tagged.

d. Tag eleven people and link them in your post.

e. Let them know you've tagged them.

B.  Eleven Fun Facts about myself

  • I  enjoy making  makeup videos for YouTube
  • I  enjoy playing puzzle with my kids
  •  I enjoy styling my daughter's hair
  • I find taking long walks very therapeutic
  • I enjoy singing
  • I am pursuing a career in teaching
  •  I love dancing
  • I enjoy musical shows like X-factor and American Idol
  • I enjoy studying what I am interested in
  • I am very shy
  •  I enjoy cooking and baking

C. Jen's Questions
If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would do with the winnings?
Buy a House and pay off my student Loan

Morning or night person?
Totally a night person: I work at night:)

What is one thing you must do before you die?
Make sure I do not have any malicious attitude towards anyone

Cartoons or documentaries?
that's a hard one, I don't fancy both

If you could go back into time to talk to yourself, what advice would you give yourself?
Don't take things too seriously

City or country?
 totally country

What is the #1 character trait you can't live without in your spouse or possible future mate?
He is the most gracious human being I have ever met in my life.

Ice skates or roller skates?
None. I am scared of breaking my legs...Ha

What modern day convenience can you easily live without?

What modern day convenience can you not live without?
I love my IPhone

Chocolate milk or white milk?
None. I am lactose intolerant

Britt's Questions

What CD is currently in your CD Player?
 Lara George. Love Nigerian Gospel Music

When was the last time you cried and why?
This morning. While I was praying against the evil and wickedness in this world
What is your favorite book?
The Bible

Where is your favorite place to shop online?

What is your astrological sign?
I  am not into that .

What is your dream job?
Elementary School Teacher
If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Name five of your favorite make up products (brand, color, etc)
Makeupforever HD Foundation, Cover Girl's Lipsticks, Urban Decay, MAC Cosmetics. I love neutral colors but love playing in colors as well.

What is your favorite running shoe?
None. I don't run.

What is your current workout regimen?

Right now, walking and dancing

What is your favorite reality TV show
American Idol and X factor

Funbi's Questions
Casual or elegant?
Elegant but I go for casual all the time especially now that I have kids.

Who has inspired you the most in your life?
Jesus Christ

What are five items you cannot leave your home without?
My phone, hat,  makeup bag. That's it. I would add music and Bible, but those are on my phone.

What career are you aspiring to undertake & why OR what is your present job?
I am currently a counselor but want to be an elementary school teacher.

What is your favorite phrase?
"Be careful guys", I say this to my kids all the time.

What is your favorite city?

What do you enjoy doing most when you are alone?
Oh men, praying!!! I have kids and they love to be on mommy all day, so when I get a chance to be alone, I pour out my heart to God.

What song can you not possibly get out of your head right now?
Many. The one that comes to mind now is "From the East to the West" by Casting Crowns

What book are you reading & what is your best all time read?
 A study guide for the teacher's certification exam.

PC or Mac?
PC. Because that is what I have always had.

What movie have you seen recently?
none. I need to see some movies

D.My list of questions to those I am tagging
  • If you wear them, which one do you prefer, Twists or Braids
  • Shampoo or Co-Wash
  • Vlogging or Blogging
  • What makes you happy?
  • Cooking or Baking?
  • SUVs or Regular cars?
  • IPhone or Blackberry
  • If you could play an instrument, what would it be?
  • Who is your favorite actor?
  • Do you have any special talents?
  • What inspired you to be a blogger?
I tagged

Thanks for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, please contact me at


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