Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mini Single Curly Braids :Children's Style

I think the winter season is the best time to give our hair a break by doing long term protective styles. That's one of the reasons I put little L's hair in mini braids, which I hoping will last for a month.We are also taking a break from the beads. They are harmless to little L's hair but I just want to give her ends a break for a month or so.

The Process;
  • Her hair was cowashed and sealed with Kinky curly Knot today (mixed with Aloe Vera Juice and coconut oil).
  • Once her hair was dried in 8 flat twists, I placed an off center part in the front of her hair and put single braids following that direction
  • About 1/4 of an inch of her ends were left out.

  • I sprayed her hair with water mixed with aloe vera juice and coconut oil, added a little knot today and the curling custard, to enhance her curls
  • Once her hair was dry, I applied very little olive oil to the ends.

Night Routine:
Her braids are moisturized and the ends are sealed with oil. I then cornrow the braids to keep them stretched. The ends have to stay stretched, if not , they will tangle and break off.

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  1. The curls are cute and her scalp looks healthy.

  2. IntermittentBabbling HairThougJanuary 18, 2012 at 8:44 PM

    Those curly little braids are adorable on your little L!

  3. She's so cute!  Reading your blog and seeing her hair inspired me to do my daughter's hair in singles.  I'm going to try this style next.  Keep em coming! 

  4. Love e curly braids,ur daughter is so cute& adorable can I adopt her haha.

    Btw hun,am having probs leaving comments on ur makeup blog,I have same prob with few other blogs anyhoo jus know I have u on my bloglist and loving all e makeup looks u do! The bubblegum pink lippy u have on ur last posts looks gr8 on ur skintone


  5. Little L is so cute! I love her expression in the first pic :)

  6. Thanks Jen. Thank God for her healthy scalp!

  7. Thanks Amija. Do you have  a blog so I can follow? I am glad you are inspired and will try these on your daughter's

  8. Thanks sis! Yeah, she hardly shows her personality in most pics I take of her but that first pic is really her!!

  9. Your patience is beauti4 (smiles) I love this style on ya lil one,she's adorable btw! I wanta try this box braidn method on my daughters hair as a protective style fo at least a wk or so,prob is it only last one wk ha hair type is a 2c 3a ne advice on what product I shud u? Any way I enjoy ya blog as usual keep doin whatcha u do & be blessed! (Starr)

  10. Ugh sorry fo tha many errors lOl I'm actn using my phn & tha buttons are like teeny weeny,but what I ment was I want ha hair ta last at least a mth but I only get a wk outta of tha box braids & once agen tha quest is dew u have ne idea of a good natural product that will hold ha 2c 3a hair???,so sorry fo tha repeated messgs but tha errors in my last messgs jus ugh lOl (Starr)


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