Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Distinguished Naturalist of the Month

Be inspired by AlexMarie from thealexmarie.com who is not giving up on her natural hair. She shares some of the mistakes she has made in her journey but she is back on track and determined to stay natural. She is here to say that,

      "I just want to show you guys our hair does grow
           and NOT TO GIVE IN TO THE CREAM "
You can visit and support her journey at thealexismarie.com

 She says,

"I went natural in AUG.2010

 and the puff pictures was my hair in DEC.2010.

I had a great amount of growth but I lost patience and BC'd because I liked the look.

Loosing even more patience and money to PJ'ism I relaxed my hair.

I'm really upset I did I would have been over a year by now. I just want to show you guys our hair does grow and NOT TO GIVE IN TO THE CREAM !!!
Right now I'm in the transition phase and I can't wait to have my afro back!"

Alexi, I appreciate your courage and determination. Thanks for even taking a step further to encourage those that may be discouraged about their natural hair journey.

Thanks for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, please contact me at coilybella@coilybella.com.



  1. When you decide to go natural it is hard to sometimes be patient.  I've had very little growth since Nov. and it is driving me crazy.  I know that my hair isn't breaking so what's the problem.  I'm learning that many factors play into the health of my hair.  Good post.

  2. Jen, I  have no doubt in my mind that your hair is growing. Take plenty of pictures to make comparisons. Also, pls don't compare your growth rate to others', everyone's hair grows at different rates. And you are right, many factors affect the health of our hiar, including but not limited to diet and health.

  3. Thanks for the article =] !

    @48079d28e9d4169b87f4b09c7f7c4fe7  I diet and drink 64oz of water along with frequent DC treatments and low manipulation !


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