Monday, January 2, 2012

Children's Style: Cornrowed Mohawk with front beads

She is wearing a Mohawk with front beads. And she turned 3 yesterday.... yes..she is New Year's Baby!!
Her last style was worn for three weeks (can u believe it?).  Her hair is growing nicely and the fact that her hair is manipulated less is helping a great deal.

 The Style
I chose this style to improve the condition of her hair. If you noticed , there are no ends left out. This way, her ends are protected from herself (she pulls her hair but she does not touch the beads, don't know why) and getting dry. I know from experience, with my hair and my little one's, that ends left out, dry quicker than ends tucked in.Her hair stays moisturized for a longer period of time as all the hair strands are contained in cornrows and the ends are hidden.

I have also fallen in love with using beads in her hair but I have to be careful with that as excessive bead usage can lead to breakage. I opted for big ones that are 100% harmless to her fine hair, and also used them in the front only. The beads were not laying down completely flat so I used those black plastic ribbon barrettes, to keep them down.

 One thing about fine hair is that it is really fragile  and breaks easily, so leaving that type of hair alone is very important if you want some length, at least till you get the length you want. This is why I keep her styles for two to three weeks at a time, and I see wonderful results compared to when I was washing her hair every week. I also have hair tied down 99% of the time, since she is not in school yet (she will be going to school by the grace of God in September of this year). So that helps keep her hair neat.


1).Daily Moisture (Water mixed with coconut oil, aloe vera juice and vegetable glycerin).
2). Tie down with a scarf and silk bonnet when we are not out. She has really gotten used to having her hair covered.

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  1. This looks very pretty! I love those beads!

  2. Wow omgosh I lovvvvvve this! Keep up tha good work mama it will certainly pay off as she gets older,can youuuuu say thickness is on its way! My daughter hair was purdy thin as well she is 2 with tha 3ish hair type..needless ta say I use cooconut faithfully as well as olive oil as a leave-in & by doin so her hair has got soooooooo thick (patn my self on tha shoulder) lOl but ne hoo I enjoy ya styles on ya daughters hair there very creative & neat (smiles) most mother's don't have tha time or tha patience & I'm so inspired to actually see a lot of bloggers take up with there kids hair...its a blessing!

  3. Thanks Precious and I looove those beads too!!

  4. Thanks so much!. I really appreciate your words.Her hair has gotten so much thicker compared to before and I really do enjoy styling her hair.


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