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Guest Post:Proper Products for Natural Hair

Proper Products for Natural Hair

People with African American hair must be more selective about the types of products they use on their hair. Many brands are not made for ethnic hair. Using proper forms of hair treatment and hair oil can also help your hair rebound from over-styling and too much product usage, and become healthy once more.

Hair Treatment

If you are selective about the type of treatment you use, it can turn frizzy and over-dry hair into healthy, moisturized hair. Stylists and salon owners use products that can help strengthen the hair's structure.

Have your hair trimmed on a regular basis, since dryness can start with split ends. If you use heated styling tools, your hair treatment methods should include extra conditioners that will help to protect your hair. A repair cream or leave-in conditioner may be beneficial to pamper your hair. You can use a mask if your African American hair is curly, particularly masks with protein to help strengthen and rebuild your hair.

Shampoo Products

Some types of natural shampoo products work well with African American hair, and others are more suited to non-ethnic hair. Goats milk shampoo adds helpful dairy products to your hair care routine. Goats milk shampoo gives you a clean fragrance and good moisturizing qualities.

Sugarbeet and grapefruit shampoos form a gentle cleansing mixture with oils and fruit. They will lather well, and the protein from soy helps to get a deep clean. It can also help your hair to form a protective barrier that will hold off some dirt and grease. Oils from lemons, tangerines, limes and oranges can add extra shine, and are very natural shampoo products.

Shampoos and conditioners that are not natural can irritate your scalp and allow a build-up of harsh materials in your hair. Olive oil locks in moisture for your hair, and jojoba oil moisturizes and cleanses the hair and scalp. Natural shampoo products are often scented with delicate oils like lavender, for a soft and clean aroma.

Hair Oil

Hair oil is important to the good health of African American hair. Massaging in of beneficial oils can help to add longevity and supple good looks. Using the right kinds of oils on your hair is an important step for a healthy scalp and hair, and should not be omitted, even if you always seem to run short of time.

Many oils are available, but look for one that is made for African American hair. Once you find a suitable hair oil, for best results, massage the oil into your hair and scalp, and leave it there overnight, if it is a leave-in type of oil. This will leave your hair lustrous and shiny. Using oil every day is not usually feasible, because of the time involved, but doing it at least two or three times a week will help make your hair healthy and beautiful.

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  1. I only use Jojoba oil on my scalp. Everything else leaves the scalp feeling too oily leading me to believe it might clog.  Other oils I used only on my hair: Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Vatika coconut oil and then there's the numerous oils I use to style with. 

    So I agree Oils are great for our hair!

  2. Thanks for giving information about hair treatment .how to grow long hair


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