Monday, December 12, 2011

Frizz-free Mini cornrows:Kids' style

The weather has changed dramatically and that calls for more protective styles to keep the ends tucked away from the elements.
My daughter's hair suffered  from some serious shedding about a month ago, which I mentioned here, but her hair is recovering and getting stronger. The cornrows  and some serious moisture boost are helping her hair get nurtured back to health. 

Her regimen has also changed a little bit. Her hair is now washed every other week with a conditioner. We keep her style for two weeks at a time. The smaller they are, the longer they last.

 I want to highlight a new product that really keeps  her cornrows looking neat. Okay before I shout out the product, cornrowing on dry hair works better for us and using a product like Jane Carter's Lock and Twist Gel or Oyinhandmade Burnt sugar pomade help mold her fine hair into neat cornrows.

BUT, spraying Jane carter solutions "natural hold locking spray" on her cornrows really set her hair and actually helps her hair stay neat longer than normal.  More info on my review of the product is coming up next.

Nighttime Routine:
 All those hair accessories are removed before bedtime (and frankly, we do not use them everyday). Her hair is covered with her silk bonnet, mentioned here
Daytime Routine:
As always, her hair is moisturized ( mixture of water, veg. glycerin, aloe vera juice, and olive oil) religiously everyday.
We also use the hold spray about three times a week to keep her hair looking neat

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  1. Wow u can tell you have sum patients gr8 job mama,love,love,love how tiny & neat tha braids are! I wish you & ya daughter well on ya natural blessed in the creator!

  2. WOW! Baby girls hair has grown so much. Her Cornrows are so cute & neat. I see a lot of people rocking the mini cornrows, even celebrities. Great Job Sis. Thanks for sharing. I read some time ago that you are using the Kimmaytube conditioner in your baby girls hair, I may have to try it on my daughter's hair.

  3. aww. thanks  so much!!

  4. It's really a great job done with her hairstyle and it's also looks different from others.  I also like her cornrows, your work is really appreciative, keep it up.


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