Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Protecting Hair" Challenge and Winter Regimen

I am starting a challenge to protect my hair from myself. I believe  that I excessively manipulate my hair even though it is in protective style most times. I try to restyle my hair for different looks. This is not helping when it comes to retaining length. Fine hair is very fragile and should not be manipulated too often.

In the past when I  tried to grow my hair out, I used extensions to braid my hair and kept the braids for 6 to  8 weeks at a time. I saw great results as I did this for an entire year but then I colored my fine hair and my hair broke off.

 I really want to see some length. I love short hair but I am ready for some length, I am ready for change. To grow my hair out, I will not be using extensions for THIS  reason

So my challenge is:
My hair does not get seen in public (Blog and Youtube included)
Reason:My hair will not be styled in a way that it should be seen in public, hence no need to keep up "public" styles, hence no maipulation except on wash days.
This challenge will  start on November 28th 2011 and end on March 28th 2012

My regimen for this challenge is pretty much my regular regimen which is as follows:

Current Regimen
Clarify once a month , Henna once a month, Deep condition once a month
Prepoo and Co-wash (conditioner mixed with ayurvedic powders) in braids every other week
Apply leave in after wash session
Use Light Protein conditioner every two weeks  (click on the tab "my current products" to see what I use)
Baggy my leave in conditioner overnight when light protein is used

Added steps
Put about 6 flat twists in my hair every other week after washing.
Cover my hair with a silk scarf
Cover that with a nice hat that can be worn in public
Wear wigs for special events.

Thanks for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, please contact me at


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