Monday, November 28, 2011

Henna Gloss

I have been using Henna since I went natural, and honestly, never had any issues with dryness like some folks claim. But I wanted to try the Henna Gloss and I am so glad I did.
For basic info on Henna, click HERE.Now, Henna Gloss is basically mixing conditioner with Henna.  I think a lot of people that have dryness issues with Henna can benefit from the conditioner-added version. It adds slip to the henna and washes out much more easier than just henna.

Here are the things I used:

    1/2 cup conditioner

2 tablespoons of honey

1/4 cup of olive oil

4tbs of aloe vera juice

100 grams of Henna

I combined them all together in a glass bowl like so

I covered the bowl and let it sit for about 6 hrs or so before I applied it to my hair as pictured below
I then covered my hair with a plastic cap and a scarf. I had it in my hair for about 6 hrs or so before I rinsed it out. I followed that with a moisturizing deep conditioning (absolutely no protein ).

It is sooooooo easy to rinse out. I felt like I did not have to do a moisturizing deep conditioning, but I still did just to be on the safe side.The application was easier and smoother. My curls were elongated (that happens with just henna too). My hair felt stronger yet softer. My hair had a brilliant shine to it.

Well , Henna is messy, period!!!!!

You can purchase good quality Henna from 

Benefits of Henna
Henna is an excellent herbal conditioner. It gives your hair a sleek and shiny look. It nourishes the hair and makes it soft and silky.

Tip:Use Gloves when applying Henna as it will stain your hands ORANGE!!!!!!


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