Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fine Natural hair is fragile Part 8:Extensions are a "No No"

 A lot of naturals tend to wear braids with extensions during the fall and winter seasons. They do this to fully protect their hair from the elements. But extensions may not be for everyone.

I love braids with extensions..VERY MUCH. But I can't wear them because when I take the extensions out, I am left with no hairline. This happened to me so many times, no matter how gentle the braider was. Now, there are other naturals that can rock braids with extensions with no damage to their hairline. I believe those have thicker strands which I do not. The hair comprising my hairline is even thinner and finer like "baby baby hair".

The hair comprising the hairline of someone that has fine hair should not carry any"extra weight" that will pull the hair out of the scalp. The hairline should be treated with a lot of TLC, by not pulling the hair and massaging the scalp in that area to increase blood flow for growth stimulation.

Braids with extensions are not the only culprit for damage to the hairline. Cornrow  and Flat Twist wearers need to be careful too, when styling their hair. If you must wear these styles as protective styles, try not to wear them consistently. For example, you can wear cornrows this week and two strand twists the following week. You also have to be careful about braiding in the same direction all the time. Change up your styles so that you don't consistently put tension on the same area all the time.



  1. I to love braids with extensions, but I have chosen to not wear them to protect my hair. Good post!

  2. I grew my hair out with with weaves and braids and my hair grew but I'm still having to baby my hairline. This time I've been wearing wigs because I realized that my hair just can't take the tightness on my scalp.

  3. I will be travelling to Africa for 2 months visiting family and doing some mission work. Although I have fine hair, I plan to do some Senegalese twists because they are so beautiful, and also because I won't have time/resources/tools to deal with hair.
    I was thinking about doing henna treatments consistently( every week or 2 weeks) to strengthen my hair before I get the braids in 1.5 months. What do you think?

  4. @Anon
    I am a big fan of Henna. My hair has gotten visibly thicker since I have been using it. It is totally safe and okay to henaa every week or so. Just make sure that you do a deep moisturizing treatment afterwards. I usuall mix mconditioner with my henna creating a Henna gloss. I have apost coming up in regards to that.
    Applying Henna to your hair for the next six weeks should give your hair the strength that it would need when it in extensions.
    Be careful with your edges though especially if you have fine hair. Try not to pull your hair back and also tell the braider to cut the sections big in the front where your hairline is most fragile because the weight of a piece of hair extension can pull out your fragile hairline. Aslo while your hair is in the extensions, moisturize like crazy..lol
    Do what you have to do

  5. Thanks for the info. Here's hoping my strategy works!

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