Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cornrows with beads

We had a setback last week hence the lack of hair post. My baby shed  lot of hair after taking out her last set of twists.Her hair became so thin at the back that I just could not put twists in her hair.I am very gentle when handling her hair and also I do not use combs in her hair at all. So I am not sure what may have caused this excessive shedding. Anyway, I noticed that the shedding significantly reduced the last time I co-washed her hair.

I also noticed that she played with  her hair a lot when she wore twists. For that reason and the fact that she shed a lot of hair after the last set of twists, I decided to go back to cornrowing her hair. She wore cornrows all summer long and retained more length than she ever did before. So as you can see, her hair is being cornrowed again and so shall it be till I know she can wear individual two strand twists again. Right now, her hair needs the "strength in number" concept. The more hair that are together, the less chance for breakage. Cornrows and Flat twists are great for that.

About the beads:
If you are an expert in this area, you will notice that I am an amateur at this. This is my very first time EVER using beads. I watched a couple of youtube videos (gotta love youtube) and decided to give beading a try. In most videos that I watched, rubber bands were used at the ends but I was not going for that. I am scared of those things especially for fine hair. Fine hair can get lost in those I used the weave thread to secure the beads at the end. I always make my threads thick for easy removal. I do this by using three pieces of the same length of thread. Once I know what I am doing , I may do  a video on using the African Threading method to secure the beads. But so far so good, the beads are secure.

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  1. 1) Your beading looks great!
    2) That's a very cute and intricate style.
    3) Booooooooo on the over-shedding!! :(

    With hair, it's a give and take... A learning process!! :) We are ALL learning, mami!! :)


  2. Very pretty! I had never even thought about weave thread to secure beads, great idea

  3. I love the style! Too bad about the shedding though :(

  4. Good for you for trying something new!

  5. Thanks to all. Thanks Char for those kind words. Nikki, It was my first time and I loved it. Jen, I really loved the beads on her and will try again


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