Thursday, October 27, 2011

Twists on threaded hair

Look at my baby's hair. I remember when she had no hair at the back of her head. Check her out now!!!!!

So she pretty much wears her twists for two weeks at a time. Using a silk scarf every night to tie her hair down, is helping a lot. Her hair is also moisturized every night, so that in the morning, her twists are soft and fluffy. They also stay in place due to wearing the silk scarf.

This past Saturday, 10/22, her hair was co-washed with Curl's Coconut Dream Conditioner. I applied the kimmaytube leave- in and then threaded her hair in four sections. The next day, the threads were taken out. I applied Shea butter on her hair and re-threaded in two sections. When I took those out, her hair was stretched to the maximum as pictured below.
For more on  the threading technique, click HERE

I wanted her hair stretched to the max because I was planning not to stretch her twists all week long (reducing manipulation).

I then twisted her hair as pictured below, using Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade

Her twists came out really soft and shiny

Here is a comparison of her twists this week and the previous ones

previous week         This week
Her hair looks much longer this week due to the double stretching. I am excited to see her true length and it is amazing how versatile our hair is.

Stretching with the threading technique is a big part of our regimen. Our hair tend to coil up and tangle easily. However, stretching our hair this way has been very helpful in keeping tangles and hence breakage at bay!!



  1. Wow, her twists look amazing! She has made some great progress! Nice!

  2. One thing I enjoy about reading your blog is I remember when you first started writing post about your daughter's hair. I remember reading your concerns and I watched you care for her hair even when she didn't have as much hair as you would have liked.....Because of your hard work, you and your baby are reaping the benefits of healthy hair from all the things you've done from the beginning. I am so proud of you Tinuke. Your baby girls hair is wonderful. How is the Kimmytube conditioner? I may have to try it.

  3. @Precious
    Thanks Hun. Her hair has really come a long way

  4. @KeeKee
    Aww.. That means a lot sis. I really do put a lot of work into her hair and I am seeing results. Thank God!

  5. Nice one! I also have a daughter and i enjoy our hair bonding sessions. My baby is 2. How old is yours if u dont mind me asking

  6. @aloted
    Thanks! She is 2 as well. She will be 3 on New Years's Day.

  7. Her hair is growing out nicely and looks healthy. Great job!

  8. @Mz More
    Thanks Erica. Yes her hair is growing nicely! Thank God!

  9. Wow--look at the difference between the two sets of twists! I somewhat stretched my daughter's hair before I put in her latest twists and they are so much longer and don't curl up as much. Your daughter's hair looks beautiful and shiny!

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  11. ah lovely. :)

    the link to the thread post doesn't seem to work. pls could you have a look at it.


  12. She is beautiful, her hair is beautiful and you are beautiful and inspiring.
    I love your blog.

  13. LOVE IT!!! Her hair is very long!! I'm not a stretcher with the girls or a threader, only because I'm more of a do it and go type of gal, when it comes to their hair. However, you have your daughters hair growing and looking lovely!!! Beautiful job, Queen!! And she's just as pretty as ever! :)


  14. @aloted
    I fixed it. Thanks for pointing that out.:)

  15. @Char
    Thanks sis!
    We have less tangles and less breakage when the hair is stretched. I feel you on the"do it and go". Wish that worked for me, that would save me some time but it's all good. :)

  16. Her hair looks healthy and has nice sheen. Sweet job *thumbs up*

  17. Just Beautiful!

  18. wow! look at those hair. I'm sure the hair has grown much longer by now. I find twists on stretched hair to be more softer and less frizzy. And sometimes i'll even thread the twist overnight to keep it stretched :)


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