Friday, October 7, 2011

Stretch to keep knots at bay

Okay Bellas,
I took out my little L's mini twists earlier today. Not only were they matted but they had major knots, tangles and breakage!!! Boy, was I stressed today!.

Why did this happen?
  • I did not use the greenhouse effect(steam with oil) like I did last week, which was successful, however, I did moisturize her hair daily and sealed with olive oil.
  • I did not stretch her twists by braiding them in four sections like I did last week, which was successful.
  • Because her hair is fine and VERY fragile, mini twists may not be suitable for her hair. If the twists were bigger, they would have been fine without the greenhouse effect.
So after taking her twists out today, I co-washed her hair with Curl's Coconut Dream Conditioner. I applied creamy leave in and sealed with Shea Moisture Elixir. I then put her hair in about 8 plaits for the purpose of srteching. On saturday, I will be twisting her hair, but no mini twists.

I had her hair cornrowed all summer long, her edges seem to be pulled back a little bit from the cornrows

and flat twists(mine too), so we are taking a break from cornrows. This is one of the reasons why we are on the twist challenge. Like I stated above, no mini twists. They will be pencil sized.

I have found out in this journey that our hair need to stay stretched all the time, otherwise we would be asking knots and breakage to "enthrone" our hair.

I am from Nigeria and very familiar with the threading method used to stretch the hair. This is one of the best methods. Nat from DeepBrown and Kinks shows us how to do it HERE



  1. Awww. so sorry to hear of this, but with all you know and learned about caring for natural hair I'm sure it will be fine:))

    take care,

  2. Ooh she mentioned me!! Thanks Bella.
    You know, I think I have the same hair type as Little L. Our hair mats up bad when in twists. You can try the pencil size but if it doesn't work don't try it again. Hmmm...I think you should try some other style to let her edges rest...Or you could twist and do a chunky french braid to keep her ends protected. Here's an example

  3. Oh no! Those twists looked so pretty, too...I'm sorry both Little L and you had to go through all that stress in taking them out!

  4. I feel you on the mini twists; I could never really rock them, either. Larger twists were definitely better on my hair and for my sanity.

    I'm glad you learned from the experience and hope you don't encounter it again.

  5. Hello CoilyBella - My hair is fine too. I keep my hair in two strand twist for two weeks at a time and I would always have knots. Now when taking down my hair I have maybe one or two knots. The greenhouse effects helps but what really helps is ph balanced products. With the exception of oil, If it's not ph balanced, I won't put it on my hair. I think this is very important for thin fragile hair like ours.

  6. @ Zainab
    Thanks ! Her is is much better. The culprit was mini mini twists. Too small for her fine hair!

  7. @Nat
    Thanks Hun. I will definitely check out your link.

  8. @Nikkin's hair thought
    Aww. Thanks Hun. I know what I did wrong. Those twists were too small!

  9. @Nappyheaded
    Thanks Girl! My fingers like to twist but our hair does not like mini mini twists.
    No more mini twists but we can still twist our hair!

  10. @hairlogy
    Thanks! I am a pH
    Eerything I use is about 4.5. It was the size of the twists. Mini twists can break fine hair period!!


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