Thursday, September 29, 2011

Twist Update:End of week 1

So, this is what our twists are looking like today. For me, this is the beginning of my second week.

I washed my twists as pictured below and did not have any tangles. I put them in three big braids and focused on the scalp. I did not place shampoo directly on the twists but on my scalp. The twists got the run off from the shampoo. The whole time I was shampooing, my twists were directed downwards to prevent  tangling. I rinsed with cool water and deep conditioned for three hours, with Kinky Curly Knot today mixed with Aloe Juice and Olive Oil(very similar to Kimmaytube's) I did not rinse out the conditioner because it is a leave in. My hair was left so soft afterwards.

 In the past I washed them loose and had tangles a lot.  The braided cleansing works great for twists as well.

I then banded my hair up with the kiddies pony tail holder to stretch them. My hair shrinks  a lot!!

I use these kiddies' Ponytail holder because they are so easy to remove. I have a hard time removing the goody bands. I have no idea why.

So, we maintain our twists with the GHE method. I try not to put water in our twists because, our hair will definitely get tangled. The GHE method keeps our hair moisturized. That method is a miracle worker. You have to try it.

Baby L with mini twists in four pony tails

 The only time water touches our hair is when I wash our hair, which is once a week. So far so good. Our twists are soft, moisturized, shiny and most importantly for me (with mini twists), tangle free. I also keep them stretched with banding and braiding, which keep the tangles and knots at bay!



  1. Wow, your hair looks so healthy. The mini twists really suit you. Oh and your daughter's hair looks great too! The fact that everybody's hair is a truth I wished every natural held on to because while you can rock mini twists in such a awesome manner and wash them too, I cannot do it! lol :D
    Thanks for sharing sis!


  2. @funbi
    Girl, I have been on a tough journey with the mini twists but I think I am beginning to get a hang of how to care for them . Thanks to Chicoro, the science of black hair and GHE. The knowledge I have accrued from those authors are invaluable. Thank God for fellow bloggers like Precious and Char for inspiring me to try my beloved mini twists again. I love mini twists. They are however delicate and need to be cared for delicately.

    Thanks for stopping by sis!

  3. Your twists look pretty! Good technique!

  4. You and your daughters twist looks great!...keep up the great work.

  5. I'm so glad that you're figuring out a twisting routine that works for you and your daughter! I still have to stick to braids and flat twists, but you're encouraging me to consider giving twists another shot. Thanks!

  6. @Hairitis
    I am glad you are encouraged. I was encouraged by others too. You know, mini twists are so versatile but they can be damaging if caRe is not taken. You just have to be really gentle with your hair and keep it moisturized. The edges are the most delicate. I retwist like every three days or so, if I don't retwists the twists around my edges and nape area the twists will get matted and knotted. But so far so GREAT!!


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