Monday, September 19, 2011

Moisture Boost with the Greenhouse Effect

So, after reading so many posts and especially this post  about the Greenhouse effect  on Roots of Blackness, I decided to give it a try.
The Greenhouse Effect  involves applying oil to your hair dry or slightly damp from water. The rationale for this technique is to encourage your body heat to naturally create a steaming environment for your hair,  so that the moisture created is  effectively absorbed into your hair, and the oil applied effectively seals the moisture in.

I chose to apply Olive Oil to my hair dry. I covered with a plastic cap and a scarf and left it overnight. The result? My hair was slightly damp but very soft!!!! Even after my hair dried, it was still very supple.  Since my hair is in protective styles most times. I also cornrowed my single twists to help with moisture retention (flat twists and cornrows help hair retain moisture better that single braids and individual twists).  I noticed that with "baggying"(in which hair is wet or damp), my scalp goes on fire in the "itchy department", however, this greenhouse effect  on dry hair,  did not irritate my scalp.

I did this to my hair about three times last week and I loved the results. I had some individual twists, which are usually dry  at the ends, however, with this method, I experienced no dryness at all. My twists were very easy to take out and  detangling was a breeze.

I did make a post about not putting micro twists in my hair due to the excessive tangling. I think this method may take care of that problem. So, I may be putting in some micro twists this week to see what happens. I hope I don't regret it.

I will continue to use this in my regimen (and my daughter's, her hair loves this technique too). Another blogger made a comment on another blog about using herb infused oil. I can't wait to try that.

What about you? Have you tried the Greenhouse Effect on your hair? Did you like the results? Please do share!!



  1. So glad you are liking your results with the GHE. The moment I heard of it on the real gueens site. I thought to myself , let me try this method. Sooooo glad I did I haven't looked back since. I apply this method every....single...night. my hair and I are thrilled!

    Take care,


  2. I tried the baggy method and like you my hair was soft but my scalp was itchy. I'll definitely try the GHE method and see if I like it better.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I've been a "bag lady" for over year now! I used to apply moisturizer before putting my plastic bag or conditioning cap on, but I found after a little while it wasn't necessary. The GHE, or "dry bagging," as I call it, has been the single most effective way for me to keep moisture in my hair. Nightly bagging + wearing headwraps daily all last week (silk scarf or bonnet underneath my headwrap) left my hair unbelievably moisturized without needing to add ANY product the entire week.

    I'm continuing my bag at night/headwrap during the day combo this week, and perhaps even longer, since it seems my hair thrives when it gets to hide!

    I'm glad the GHE/bag method has worked so well for you too!

  4. @Zainab
    Wow! maybe I should try every single night too...Hey, why not?
    I was just looking at my daughter's twists. They are so soft and shiny all because of the GHE.So glad I discovered this technique.

  5. @Vee
    Yes sister. You should try it. I hope it works for you!

  6. @HairItIs
    Wow! This seems to be working for everyone.Like you and Zainab, I will be doing the GHE daily. I am already seeing great results on my daughter's hair as this is done daily on her hair(during the day though, she is home all day).

  7. I actually tried this on my hair yesterday without knowing there was a name for it (GreenHouseEffect)The hair on the top of my head is different from the hair on the sides and in the back. It breaks if you look at it too hard. lol. It knots and tangles easily and when removing two strand twist, i always experience breakage. This method worked for me as well.

    By-the-way, I love your site and your daughter is adorable.

  8. @hairlogy
    Thanks so much!
    My hair used to break in the crown area but since I stopped using combs in my hair, that problem has greatly reduced. And with this new GHE method, the breakage seems to be getting conquered!

  9. I am soooo late, but I am happy to see that it's working for you! It's fabulous isn't it??!!

  10. Thanks Hun! Yes it is fabulous. My hair is due for one


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