Monday, September 26, 2011

Minimizing Breakage Series:Breakage in the crown area?

Here some solutions that I have found helpful to combat breakage in that area of my head.

Within the past year, I did experience a lot of breakage in my crown area. I also noticed that the hair in this area of my head tends to get dry and tangled easily. I just could not figure out what in the world the problem was. However, that issue is slowly fading. Thanks to the following discoveries I made and solutions  incorporated into my regimen.

Hair Direction:
The first obvious cause was the way I was directing my hair. Hair, when being manipulated, will have less breakage if the ends are always being directed downwards and not upwards. When hair is being washed, rinsed, conditioned, moisturized,  it's direction should always be in such a way that the ends are hanging down facing the floor and not the roof . Even if your hair is short, when it is long enough to braid or twist, always manipulate your hair in the direction described. Now, it is easy to direct the hair in the front , sides and back with the method described above, however, the crown area is not so easy to direct that way especially if your hair is short in that area. You have to make a conscious effort to keep the hair in that area directed downwards to prevent tangles, knots and breakage.

the ends of the hair should be pointing downwards

Hair Detangling:
The rule of thumb is that you first finger detangle your hair , then use a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair in small sections, and then a brush if needed. There is nothing wrong with that. However, if you are having severe breakage in the crown area, I suggest that you really master the arts of finger detangling and let your comb rest in peace. You do not have to stop using your wide tooth comb altogether, but when it comes to the crown area, you should take your time (really take your time) to finger detangle that area. You start detangling that section by removing tangles at the very tip and work your way up to the scalp. Honestly, since I put my combs to rest and started to be mindful of the direction in which my hair falls, I have noticed length increase in that area. It is still the shortest part of my hair(one inch shorter than the rest, but that's fine with me , as long as it is improving).

 Is your hairstyle safe for the crown area?
Be mindful of the styles you put in the crown area, especially if you do sectioned styling like I do. Try not to part too big. For example if you are putting two strand twists in that area, keep them small as you want all hair strands to be caught in the twists. Taking big sections to twist in that area will lead to breakage as you may leave some hair strands out which will be prone to breakage (I have experienced this a lot of times). Just keep in mind that your hair in general should be handled gently and styled carefully.

Extra moisture and sealing for the crown area:
If that crown area is persistently stubborn and breaks easily, pamper it with extra moisture and sealing. For me, oils do wonders for my hair. When I am doing my GHE, I apply extra oil in the crown area. This method keeps my hair really soft and reduces breakage overall.



  1. This is a great post!...ya, know when I first BC'd I had this problem in my crown area as well, it was always drier and seem to be sheading a lot more in that area. Now here today second BC in , and using the GHE ( AS YOU'VE MENTIONED) i DO NOT HAVE THAT PROBLEM ...AT ALL. mY HAIR IS GETTING VERY HYDRATED, and this has help my hair in all areas. Girl, I tell you that GHE is the business. Thanks for another great post tinuke, take care


  2. @Zainab
    Thanks for stopping by. Honestly that GHE is the business and my regimen and product use has become much more simplified since I met GHE..LOL

  3. Hello Sistah! You know, I can always count on your blog to deliver. When My Mother-In-Law comes over, she always ask for us to read your blog. She was visiting with me today & we both decided to read your blog & here is this post. We both talked about your topic because she is 55 years old and has been going through it with her natural hair. I style her hair & I notice when it is time to wash it, a whole lot of her hair comes out only at the top of her head. Thanks for always having the right things to talk about. Love ya Sis ;-)

  4. @Keekeenatural
    Thanks sis. Oh that means a lot that you find useful info on my blog. Love you too sis!!

  5. Thanks Tinuke for a great post. Very good advice

  6. Are you dry combing or brushing? Curlies should never use brushes or combs on dry hair. It will cause breakage no matter how healthy the hair is.

    That darn crown is stubborn! I had the same issue. Now I only comb with sopping conditioner in my head and usually it's a finger comb. If I detangle on dry hair, it's only with my hands soaked with oil.

    I actually started washing my hair in 4 braids and low and behold no tangling! I can't believe I didn't figure this out sooner. Ok enough rambling :-)


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