Sunday, September 25, 2011

Micro what?


my daughter wearing micro twists

Yes... Micro Twists!!!!

 I don't think I can stay away from them. I love micro twists. I did a make a post about a month ago stating that I was going to stop putting micro twists in my hair as my hair tends to get matted easily with micro twists.
However, I have been using the Greenhouse Effect since last week, and made a new discovery about my hair. It loves oils!!!!!

When I took out my last protective style which had twists in it, the twist were easy to separate. I had no breakage and my hair remained soft (thanks to my new discovery, the greenhouse effect). In fact I did not have to use a conditioner to plasticize my hair because it was so soft and not too tangled. So my last wash session was great. I only used coconut oil before washing my hair to cut down on hygral fatigue.

Also, I am confident that my hair likes being in a stretched state. So I keep it stretched all the time. This also cuts down on knots and tangles, at least for me.

Once my hair was completely dry, I put these micro twists in with Oyinhandmade Burnt Sugar Pomade(smells so yummy). I applied a very small amount to the section I was twisting.  My hair loves this because it is full of oils. It also softened my hair like butter. The sections were parted with my fingers  (by the way, I have not used any combs in my hair for two months,loving the results!)

I have been applying olive oil or Shea Moisture Restorative Elixir (a whole bunch of oils) to my twists and covering them  with a plastic cap, a scarf and a hat every day or night (depending on my work schedule). I love this technique because my hair stays moisturized all the time. I have not done the traditional moisturizing that everyone does( daily use of spray bottle, cream or whatever) since wash day and my hair is still moisturized. I also cornrow the twist to keep them stretched.

I will give you my final verdict of the GHE on my micro twists once I take them out.

 It already worked on my daughter's hair. She wore micro twists last week,  which were maintained with the GHE. We did not experience any breakage with her hair and the twists stayed moisturized all week long. It was so successful that she is wearing mini twists again this week.



  1. Awww! Your baby girl is so cute! Lovin' the micro twists! :)

  2. Looking good ...those twist are looking good. I wish I could rock those , but my hair unravels so dang quickly. Your daughter....adorable and growing so quickly.

    Can't wait to hear your final results on my new BFF the GHE :0)

    Take care,


  3. Your daughteris adorable.

    The really tiny twists were never my fave; they took forever to do and were a pain to take out. I much prefered the larger ones.

    You wear them well.

  4. You know I had to come over here and look at your blog!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Your daughter is gorgeous, and you are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! We will encourage each other on this Mini/Micro Twist road we are on! :)


  5. Aww. thanks Char. That means a lot. I need the encouragement especially with my hair being fine. I am doing all that I can to keep my hair protected and styled to my satisfaction. So far, my twists are

  6. Yaaaaaaaay for safe twists!! I'm happy to hear that!! :) WE CAN DO IT, MAMI!!


  7. Woow! Those micro twists are soo lovely!! And your daughter is sooo cuute!!



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