Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Flat twists, Mohawk and Roller set.....Oh My!

 I got pretty bored with the hair this week that I experimented with different styles with the flat Twists.

My hair was twisted  for the first time on dry hair. I am really trying to use methods that reduce breakage the most in my regimen. It seemed like Damp hair tends to break as it gets dry, although I do the continual misting method that other Coilies use.  However, I really liked the dry method (styling on dry hair). My hair was moisturized aith Giovanni Direct Leave-In mixed with Oils and Aloe Vera Juice, the day before.  I put in about 16 flat twists going fwom the middle of my head towards the hairline.

 Once my hair was completely dry the next day, I styled it  using fluffy Shea butter (Shea butter mixed with oils). I  divided my hair into two sections, front and back. I put very small flat twists in the back going towards the nape of my neck

Then I flat twisted the sides with the ends meeting in the middle. A small part was sectioned off in the front, where I put single twists. The ends were tucked in in the back and middle.

When I got bored, I roller set the ends to get this partial Mohawk Look

 I was very careful  styling my hair  dry. I had minimal breakage compared to styling my hair damp. This is very new to me so I think I will continue to experiment with dry styling as long as I am super gentle with my hair.

My Verdict on Cornrows and Flat Twists on Fine Natural Hair (My hair)

Honestly, Flat Twists win!!!! They are more gentle on fine hair than cornrows. They are easier to put in and take out. They also make my hair look fuller. Look at the back of my hair!!!!

 Care and Maintenance
Moisturize everyday with African Pride Olive Miracle Braid Sheen Spray (This product is honestly one of the best moisturizers I have ever used, cost only $3).



  1. Your twists came out nice! I'm not a big fan of cornrows either.

  2. Girl! That style is fierce! I love it! *bookmarks page & follows!*

  3. Thanks ladies!
    Thanks for following!

  4. Awww, it looks so nice! *sucks teeth* Maaan, now I want to flat twist my hair! I also did a mohawk style last time I did them, and I loved it. Alas, I still have another week with my Celie braids, though (I have to limit my frequency of styling to reduce manipulation-- i.e., breakage).

    I love me some cornrows, but I can't self-cornrow to save my life (can't really cornrow anyone else either, honestly...), but I CAN flat twist decently well, and it's way gentler on my strands and looks just as cute. And I just love the texture I get from a flat twistout!

  5. This is fiyah! I love it! Especially the profile view.

  6. Very nice. Love the photo with the front shot.

  7. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! So pretty!!!!!!!!! I <3 this style!!!


  8. This is BEAUTIFUL! Love it!! I also prefer flat twists on your hair (and mine) and they certainly do make your hair look fuller! Lovely style! Thank you for sharing sis!


  9. I love this. As everyone else, i prefer flat twists more than conrows. Unfortuantely, I'm not good at them. Oh, well, I'll keep trying :)


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