Sunday, August 14, 2011

Protein on my Fine and Porous Hair

So I have not done an update on my hair for like ever. Here is what's going on with my hair. I started to use Shea Moisture Products back in April when I got rid of all my colored ends. I have been using both the "Dry and Damaged " and "Curl Enhancing" lines.

The Problem
I used the Moisture and Hold Mist from the Curl Enhancing Line everyday religiously. I did get my hair moisturized and the product was very light for my fine hair. However, the fourth ingredient in the product is Silk Protein. The result of using a product with silk protein as it's fourth ingredient  on my Fine porous hair, is "Protein Overload", which led to some breakage.

The Solution
I completely eliminated all products with protein. For the past one month, I have been doing only moisture treatments on my hair. I deep condition once a week with Jane Carter's Solution Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner, which is fabulous. If you missed my review on the product, you can check it out here.

Any Progress?
Yes!!!! My hair is much softer and does not feel like straw anymore. It feels balanced between protein and moisture, using the wet assessment test. If you have no idea what the wet assessment test means, check this POST out on

Putting it all together
So I am 100% natural, what am I using Protein for? Sometimes damage to the cuticle comes from combing(which I have now stopped using altogether), washing, the elements, styling and such. That's when the usage of Hydrolysed protein comes in. How often it is to be used, is very specific to each person's type of hair and how much their hair is damaged. However, there is such a thing  as Protein Overload.  Some coilies do great with protein especially those with Fine low porous hair and some avoid protein like a plague, especially those with thick hair. However, Protein can be beneficial to fine hair if the right one is used. Hydrolysed Protein is the most effective type to use. It is not too small or too large. For more on Hydrolysed protein, click HERE.

Read the back of those containers. Knowing your ingredients matter a lot.


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