Thursday, August 18, 2011

7 Fine Natural Hair is fragile:Mini Twists?

Okay, If you follow my journey, you must know that I love mini twists, especially because, they make my hair look fuller and they last for a long time (at most a month for me).
 However, I have breakage every time I take them out. Honestly, I did not mind the little breakage but, since I do mini twists frequently, the breakage adds up.

Hair, especially Fine Hair is stronger when there is a cluster of many fine strands bound together. In essence, I am trying to state that medium twists may be better for fine hair as they are larger. Mini twists do make fine hair look fuller, however, very fragile and prone to breakage. This has been my experience. No matter how delicate I am with my hair, it gets tangled and break easily with mini twists.

Update: I have to mention that my hair also gets matted and the breakage comes from my hair being matted. I do get a good amount of shed hair after wearing twists for a whole month, but the breakge is from trying to seperate the matted twists. My hair is so fragile that, no matter how careful I am, it still breaks.



  1. Some of the hair you are losing when you take down your twists may be shed hair. After having it twisted up for a month you should definitely have a good amount of shed hair ready to come out. 

  2. Hey LaNeshe,
    Thanks for stopping by. I definitely know about the shed hair. I was referring to little pieces of broken hair. My hair also gets really matted and starts to kind of loc in mini twists. I guess I should have added that in the post. But thanks for your input.
    Take care

  3. The mini twists looks so cute on you. So sorry to hear that it's been causing problems. 

  4. aww thanks Dear. I love how they look but they are not kind to my hair....LOL

  5. My mom's hair is the same! Mini twists look great but her hair gets so matted and tangled after a while.

  6. I havefine strands, too and I had that problem the first time I took down my mini twists.  In fact, I swore that I would NEVER put them in again.  But since I love mini-twists, I had to try something. I have found that applying oil (probably a natural oil) on the ends, in particular, completely eliminates the hair's tendency to latch onto other nearby hairs or shed hair.  The oil really, really helps.

  7. I also have fine strands. I did the mini's for the first time about three weeks ago and loved the way they looked on me. When I took them down to wash and detangle my hair it was a mess! I had so many knots and tangles I vowed never to do that to my precious hair ever again! I think I will stick with the large to medium twist for the sake of retention and the health of my hair. I am so glad you posted the reason my hair was tangling was because I have fine strands because I couldn't figure out why I was having problems when other naturals appeared to have no issues. Maybe, I will try it again and put oil on the ends like JazzWife suggested although I am apprehensive about doing it. LOL.

    1. LOL.. I understand Crystal. But the oil did not help me. Mini Twists are just not for me. I have come to terms with that.
      You go ahead and try using oil, I really hope that it works for you.


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