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Moisturizing Shampoo Bath: Step 2 on How to Get Moisture Drenched Hair By Chicoro

 Moisturizing Shampoo Bath: Step 2 on How to Get Moisture Drenched Hair

The second step in the process where you have an opportunity to add moisture to your hair is during your shampoo. Look for the ingredients label on the back of your shampoo. Look for something called sodium lauryl sulfate. Sometimes it is written sodium laurel sulfate. It is a detergent, a degreaser and a surfactant. Basically, it strips the hair and the scalp and the skin of moisture.

Once you have pre-poo'd your hair, or used a pre-wash treatment, please begin your shampoo process. You can doctor up a sulfate ridden shampoo and soften it. Remove about 1/8 cup of shampoo and dilute it in ˝ cup of hot water. Then add ź cup of aloe vera and 1-2 tablespoons of a vegetable or seed oil. Stir it and set the mixture aside.

Rinse the pre-shampoo mixture from your hair. I like to wash my hair in braids. It is at this point that I consolidate the twisted hair into 4-6 loose braids. I rinse my hair with warm water, then I pour on the diluted soapy mixture.

If your hair feels gummy or sticky, that may be an indicator that you used too much oil, for your hair, in your pre-shampoo mixture. Don't worry about it though. Make a note somewhere and tweak your pre-poo concoction in the future to have less oil or a different kind of oil.

Keep the hair braided loosely while you shampoo and then rinse. Use your hands to feel your hair. It should feel very soft. There should not be that squeaky clean stripped feeling. Your hair should not feel rough to the touch. Hopefully, you will feel a slight difference for the better, in your hair even at this point.

Softening your shampoo, by adding water, aloe vera and some seed or vegetable oil is a technique you can use to lessen the drying effects of shampoos with the surfactant sodium laurel sulfate. You can also do this with any shampoo to optimize the opportunity to add moisture to dry, thirsty hair.

By Chicoro


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