Monday, May 23, 2011

"Textured Braids" (4 week old braids)

These braids have been worn for three weeks and  four days
I am on my 4th week of wearing these micro braids and I must say that I really enjoyed wearing them. During this 4 week period, I learned a lot about my hair.

I learned that co-washing is best for protective styles. The conditioner helps smoothen the cuticles and keep the ends of the braids soft and frizz free. 

 While Co-washing is  the better option for washing my braids, I have to keep the washing to a minimum of  "once a week", to avoid frizzes. 

I now definitely know that my hair has to stay stretched, otherwise, I would be dealing with tangles and breakage. My hair tends to curl up a a lot and hence develop knots very easily. Since my hair does that, I stay on braiding the micro braids to stretch them out.

I also learned that my hair cannot thrive without oils.  I moisturize with water and seal with oil. I then cover with a plastic cap to deeply moisturize my braids. I use this method to keep my hair moisturized for days and to avoid frizzes.

How I style the braids to give a "textured look"

If I want the curly textured look as seen in the picture, I add Shea Moisture Moisture Mist and Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Those are great stylers for my hair. They really make the curls at the ends of my braids pop. Stay tuned for the review of these products. I will be taking these braids out in the next three days(which will be 4 weeks exactly). I reached my goal which is keeping them in for the duration of 4 to 6 weeks.

My next protective style will be braids with twists at the end. I am putting twists at the end to help with the stretching.



  1.  They still look great!!

  2. Love it!...can't wait to see your next style:))

    Take care,


  3. wow 3weeks,they still look great thought u had just done them hun!


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