Monday, May 30, 2011

Lesson Learned from wearing Braids on Fine Natural Hair

First, I want to encourage whoever is interested in wearing mini twists or braids to do so because they are so easy to manage. A lot of ladies with fine hair shy away from mini braids or twists. However, wearing these styles in their "mini form" helps give the illusion of full hair.

Now onto the lessons I learned............

  1. The style should be done on hair that is clean and detangled. (installing braids on a well detangled hair makes the process very easy, keeping knots and breakage away)
  2. Minimize the water spritz as this would cause your hair to frizz. (Please don't get me wrong, you need moisture in your hair. But learning how to prolong that moisture is key, so that the need to re-spritz too often, becomes unnecessary.)After moisturizing, sometimes I use the baggy method and don a nice stylish scarf for like a day or so. The baggy method helps prolong moisture retention
  3. To prolong the style, tie the braids down with a scarf (silk material) at night.
  4. This one is the most important thing I did to retain length. I cornrowed the braids to stretch the ends. The ends of my braids were left loose for a curly look, however, you know what that means after a while:single strand knots!!!!! By using cornrows to stretch the ends helped minimize single strand knots. Of course, moisturizing is key but I have come to strongly believe that, for me, keeping my hair stretched is the key to retaining length.


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