Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fine Natural Hair is fragile:Part 6 Micro Twists and Fine Hair

For those following these series, I apologize for having not posted anything regarding fine hair lately. I have been making a lot of observation  that I will be posting in the near future.

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Micro Twists and Fine Hair
Micro Twists are a great way to keep the hair protected from one's "hand in hair disease" (if you find yourself manipulating your hair excessively). However, those with fine hair must be careful when wearing this type of two strand twists. They have to be kept moisturized all the time to avoid tangles and matting. I will ADVISE against using shampoo to clean them (from experience, they tend to get matted easily when shampooed). The best way to clean them is using a conditioner (those $1 VO5 ones are great for this). They should not be over-washed either (once a week is enough if you are planning to wear them for more than two weeks).Fine hair tends to frizz VERY EASILY (A 3 DAY OLD HAIRSTYLE CAN LOOK LIKE A THREE WEEK OLD STYLE IF PROPER CARE IS NOT TAKEN TO MAINTAIN FINE HAIR). To keep frizzes at bay, avoid using products with humectants and coconut oil (Coconut Oil tend to act "proteinish" in my hair. I only use it to prepoo) After moisturizing and sealing the moisture in your hair, tie down your hair with a scarf.

In general, I will advise against doing micro twists if you have fine hair, unless you are an expert at treating your hair like it's the only thing you own in this world. If you must wear them, they should be worn for no more than two weeks. The more you wash them, the more they get matted and since fine hair is fragile, hair that is matted can easily break !!!. If you keep them in for only two weeks, you will only have to wash them once, which reduces the chances of your hair getting matted and hence breakage. On the other hand if you feel the need to leave them in for more than two weeks, try washing them every other week or less for the same reasons stated above.



  1. Great post and great results! ...Thanks for sharing Tinuke:)0

    Take care,


  2. Thanks Zainab!! But he picture is from two years ago.I just used it to represent my post. 

  3. Although I use to wear two-strand twists faithfully, I've given up on them! As my hair has grown to this in between length, the overall look of the twist doesn't have the same affect as when my hair was shorter! Perhaps once my hair is longer I'll return to this style, but for now..I'm on 2-strand twist pause!


  4. Thanks for stopping by Kay. Do what will make u happy. Two strand twists are tricky when it comes to how they look. If they do not look right at your current length, definitely don't do them. 


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