Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The famous Homemade Egg Protein Treatment not effective?

So I  was reading this very interesting article on The Natural Haven. So the size of protein that patches up the gap in our  hair does matter. Hydrolysed protein(reduced size) is actually what counts and if hydrolysed protein is not in your first 5 ingredients, then the product is not effective.
The Egg albumin has a large protein molecule which is too large to work on our hair. What do you think about this? Have you used egg treatment in your hair and seen positive results? I have been using egg treatment in my daughters's hair to help with the back of her hair which was very thin. Her hair has gotten so much thicker. Now, I cannot say for sure if it has to to do with the egg or her hair just started to thicken up naturally. I really do not want to waste my time putting egg in my daughter's hair if it is useless



  1. This was a very informative post....Dry ends are something that needs plenty of attention. I've never used Egg treatments in my hair but I've heard that it is affective. It may be the egg that is helping your daughter's hair grow. Many people put mayo in their hair to give it strength.

  2. I do know, i have used eggs in my hair before but not much and not over a long period of time. I know longer use eggs in my hair, personally for myself I didn't notice much of a difference. But, all hair is different you know what they say. what doesn't work for some may very well work for one:))

    Thanks for posting, take care


  3. Thanks for your input.. It may be working for my daughter's hair.who knows?

  4. Thanks for your input...It would be nice to know that the egg is helping her hair

  5. NaturalBlackOneMay 5, 2011 at 3:19 PM

    I have never used eggs in my hair. I just never liked the thought. Plus it appears that my hair is protein sensitive so I never tried it. But I am curious if it is what everyone says it is...

  6. for a long time, I thought mine was protein sensitive as well but I was wrong. A lot of people swear by the treatment but I am curious about the definite scientific fact regarding the effectiveness of eggs on hair


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