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Question: How often do you wash your hair and why?.......... ..... Help!!!!!!!!!

 I am hoping that a lot of people will contribute to this post.  While each person's regimen is specific to their hair needs, however,  learning about other's methods can turn on the light on issues we have in our regimen, that are obscure.

 For the past one year, since I discovered  many great channels and books on natural hair care, I have been washing my hair on a weekly basis. Let me also add that I have lost about 6 inches of hair since I employed this method. Every time I wash my hair, I lose hair. I see many pieces of broken hair. I did not take it seriously because I thought hair will break unless it is not touched at all. I started getting worried after I purchased a hair stopper which collected all the shed and broken hair from my tub(I wash my hair in the shower). I was alarmed by the amount of broken hair, not shed hair, collected in that hair stopper. I don't have issues with dryness and I do use protein treatment on a monthly basis. I do trim my ends when they need to be trimmed., so why is my hair breaking on wash days?

 Before using the regimen of weekly washing, I used to wear twists for three weeks at a time and washed my hair every three weeks. I did not have any issues with broken hair everywhere.

This is why I am asking this question: How often do you wash your hair?

 It seems like for me, when I washed my hair every three weeks, I retained length better. I never was the type to pile on products on my hair so I hardly had build up. Now that I wash my hair every week, I lose hair every time I wash my hair. Please note that I am not rough with my hair considering how fine it is and I do not use brushes to detangle. I use a rake comb and my fingers to detangle. Should fine hair not be washed too frequently like once a week? What if I go three weeks without washing my hair like I used to in the past? What do you think ladies?

Please help by answering the question. Your suggestions are welcome!!

Update: 9/20/11
Okay, I solved the riddle to some extent. It was not weekly washing that was breaking my hair , although I still believe in "less manipulation= less breakage". I have realized that I was not gentle enough with my hair and did not do enough"smoothing". You know like when you are working product on your hair, you place the section of hair between both hands and smooth that section down. This has helped a lot. Also now, when I wash my hair,I wash in four braided sections, see this post to see my updated wash routine. I have less breakage and I am retaining length. I keep my hair stretched throughout my entire regimen. My hair being bound up, unstretched and tangled gets broken VERY easily. So stretching it has helped a great deal!!!!



  1. Hey there sorry to here your having this issue. I use to was my hair weekly, but its been quite a while since doing that method ( for me it was causing my hair to dry) I now co wash and shampoo monthly. I must agree with you fine hair is super fragile, and it will snap quickly. I also know that our hair can get overloaded from many things...moisture overload...protein overload...and even conditioner overload. I also know that often the creames, etc can simply be to heavy for our hair and cause it to react in a negative way. continue to tweek your regimen and check your products.

    Have you ever considered BC'ing again. I just BC'd for the second time on march 23rd. Tinuke , let me tell you it is just as exciting and liberating as my first BC. The only difference is this time around I have a wealth more of natural hair care education under my belt ( smiles)

    I hope this helps Tinuke, keep us posted. Take care,


  2. One more thing Tinuke...In which I forgot to include in my previous comment. What about your diet, hormones, etc. Has anything changed in your diet or lack there of ? as women our bodies change so much and it can affect other parts of our body. Just a thought..take care,


  3. Hey lady. I have been natural since 2006, and on average I wash my hair about once every 2-3 weeks. You have to do what is right for you and your hair first. One thing I have learned on this natural hair journey is that one size does not fit all. What works for one person does not necessarily work for the next person. So if washing your hair once every three weeks works for you, then do it! Good luck!


  4. Thank you so much Zainab. That was very helpful!!. I have been suspecting moisture and conditioner overload for quite sometime. I eliminated the heavy leave in, I am strongly suspecting moisture overload. That's one of the reasons I stopped moisturizing everyday. I don't need to as vegetable glycerin has helped a great deal in helping me retain moisture for a long time.

    Congratulations on your big chop!! I am so happy that you are happy with your's great that you are now well informed. You know, that came across my mind numerous times. But I wanted to do it out of frustration and doing things out of frustration may not be a smart choice.

    I am not sure about hormonal changes but my diet has pretty much stayed the same.

    Thanks so much Zainab, your input is always valued and appreciated!!!!

  5. Hi Ms-gg,
    Thanks so much for your input.Love your no nonsense approach. You are right about the "one size does not fit all" concept.I blindly jumped on the weekly washes bandwagon after reading some books and watching videos on youtube. This is so true ..every one's hair is different and has unique needs.

  6. Sis! I was am planning on making a post on this and I'm glad you asked the question. When I was washing my hair weekly, I also had isssues with breakage, I mean SERIOUS issues. After regulating my protein levels and stopped washing so often, my breakage just stopped. I do believe there is such a thing as washing the hair too much, especially natural hair! Wash day is the most fragile time for our hair and if it's done so often I think there is more chance of breakage. To make sure it's the washing, try washing maybe once every two weeks and see how it goes from there. It might be you are lacking a little bit of protein. Have you changed your diet lately? Such changes can contribute to breakage. I can also say I am retaining better length now that I used to...I really hope this helps sis!!! If you need more help please do ask! I would love to help!

  7. Hey Tinuke! First I want to say that this is a great post! My hair is actually quite the opposite of yours; my hair is thick and coarse. That being said, I usually do not suffer from too much breakage during my washes. I wash my hair once a week. I detangle only with my fingers by finger-combing and using the sandwich method. I always examine my hands as I do this and I see negligent to no breakage, only shed hairs. As Funbi suggested perhaps a protein treatment may do the trick of stopping the breakage. I just did one today (posting tomorrow) and my hair feels so much stronger. I have practiced gentler detangling and shampooing and giving my hair a protein treatment once in a while and that has helped my hair a whole lot. You could also try washing less often. I also heard of people doing pre-poo treatments with oil to keep their strands lubricated and prevents them from tangling and breaking. Hope that helped!

  8. Funbi,
    Thanks for stopping by and your suggestions. I avoided protein treatments for a long time because I was scared of protein sensitivity. I am now well aware of the balance of moisture and protein hair should have. I just recently started doing a seperate protein treatment which is once a month. I balance that out with a deep moisturizing treatment once a month as well. I stopped the weekly deep conditioning as it occured to me that my hair could be suffering from conditioner overload. I don't think it's my diet because I have pretty much been eating the same things I have been eating since I got married.

    I suspect a need for protein treatment, overwashing and method of rinsing!!

    Since I now wear my twists for longer periods of time, which is about three to four weeks, I will definitely wash my hair only when my hair is out of the twists. We'll see what happens with that.

    Thanks so much sis..really appreciate your input.

  9. Hi Precious,

    Thanks so much for your input. You are right about the prepoo. I always use coconut oil hot treatment in my hair before my wash session. It really keeps my hair soft and it is supposed to reduce damage done by hygral fatigue.However, the issue is that my hair is very soft(some people may think I am crazy for calling it an issue). It is so soft that it breaks easily. That's why I know I could use some protein treatment.
    You are also right about gentle detangling. I have practiced nothing but gentle detangling..sometimes I don't even use a comb,I use my fingers.

    Thanks so much Precious for your input!

  10. I would first say, definitely stop anything that is doing bad for your hair. In the least, you can go back to washing every three weeks where you didn't see as much breakage. I wash my hair with conditioner about once a week. I wash my hair with shampoo about twice a month. Perhaps it is what you are washing your hair with that is the problem, or how you're doing it. When I'm washing I concentrate on the scalp, not manipulation my hair too much. Then after, I put my hair into four sections, add conditioner to each section, and then do my detangling. Less breakage when I detangle wet hair full of conditioner.

    I hope you figure out a better method !

  11. I wash my hair once a week with Shea Moisture Shampoo. and I deep condition each time. I co-wash once during the week. This has worked for my hair over the last 9 months.

  12. I've been having the same problem and recently read about people washing their hair while it's in twists. I've been doing that for a few days now. Problem solved.


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