Saturday, April 16, 2011

How I treat my hair after an aphogee treatment.

Check out my experience with aphogee HERE (it was a good experience altogether)

I updated that post to say that I will not be doing a monthly protein treatment.  We have to listen to our hair to see what it needs. If I do  a monthly protein treatment, my hair may say, "Hey Tinuke, I am still hard from the last protein treatment you did, why are you overloading me with more protein, can't you see that I am breaking off  and pushing moisture away? And my hair would be right to tell me that. My point is that we have to listen to our hair. My hair may not need a protein treatment for the next three months or less, who knows at this point?

In the meantime, I am staying away from anything that has even the lightest protein in it. It is all about moisture for me now, at least it is what my hair is asking for. I am back to doing daily moisturizing. I am also going to be cowashing more often than shampooing. Well, if my hair gets to that point of being mushy again , I may do a lighter protein treatment (lighter than aphogee), before it gets to the point of breaking off.

Here is the summary for Protein and Moisture Balance

  • Hair is mushy, stretches and stretches when wet but not breaking:Your  hair is asking for a light protein treatment (light if you do not have chemical or heat damage). Treat your hair before it gets to the point of breaking

  • Hair is mushy, stretches and stretches when wet and then breaks off: Your hair warned you asking for a light protein treatment but you did not listen so now it is breaking off. You need a light protein treatment to strengthen your hair. Remember to follow up with a moisturizing treatment
  • Hair is dry  and feels like hay even when wet but it is not breaking off yet: Your hair is saying "moisture please". Use moisture, moisturizing treatments. Stay away from protein!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hair is dry even when wet and breaks off easily: You did not listen to your hair when it asked for moisture. At this point, you have to moisturize your hair to restore the moisture balance
Please do not get offended by the style I used to make this post. This was written as a reminder for myself.



  1. Great post. I agree listen to hair its key , and have patience. I also stay away from harsh proteins. I plan on using a light protein once a month. This has always worked for my hair.

    Thanks for posting, Tinuke. Take care

  2. YahzsheezfierceblogApril 19, 2011 at 10:32 AM

    Great post! I just started using Aphogee products (abt a month now) and I like the results so far.

  3. zainab, pls let us know what light protein you will be using. I am very interested


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